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  1. Smoked my 1st two turkeys last night! They spent about 14 hrs in brine( local recipe) then a little injecting here n there. Me and my girlfriend are headed separate ways for dinner today so I prepared each a bird to take. That being said I needed them done by 10 am. So up at 4 am I was. Blurry eyed with visions of smoked bird on the brain I went through the ritual of rinsing brine, injecting and setting up my 40"Mes with apple juice, Apple wood with just about 10% cherry. Set the smoker at 250 and stumbled back to bed. When I woke this morning I found these wonderful smelling creatures waiting for me! So I've rented them in two separate trays and prepared the smoke sweet potato casserole. Which looks absolutely amazing.
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    Very nice DWB!


  3. Oh wow. That's all.

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