Decision crisis - smoker or weber kettle?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mikeatrpi, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. mikeatrpi

    mikeatrpi Newbie

    I have a slightly modded masterbuilt Brinkmann clone smoker, but I have a lot of trouble maintaining stable temps.  I just got a weber kettle, so I was thinking of smoking on that.  I've done a few smaller smokes on my old smokey joe silver, so I'm familiar with the compromises of smoking on a grill.  What do the experts say - kettle or masterbuilt?  I'm smoking two small-ish butts for the Fourth.  
  2. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    I do Butts on my kettle often. Smaller ones work the best. You can use the snake method and get many hours of stable heat in one load of wood and charcoal or use the little baskets Weber makes which is what I do.

  3. sauced

    sauced Master of the Pit

    I have a Weber Kettle and I added a Slow N Sear. It was made for kettles, turns them into a decent smoker.
  4. mikeatrpi

    mikeatrpi Newbie

    Awesome, thanks for talking me off the ledge!  Can't wait to get it going on Monday!
  5. smokinal

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    Let us know how it turns out!

  6. mikeatrpi

    mikeatrpi Newbie

    Holey SMOKES this was my best TWO ever!  I paid an arm and a leg, $3.19 lb, for boneless butts from from upscale grocer, and took home two - 4.75 and 4.78 lbs.  I tell ya what, it was worth it!  On at 6:30 this morning, snake method, hickory chips and apple chunks.  I used 50/50 brown sugar / white sugar, plus salt, pepper, and chipolte powder rub overnight.  At 5 hours in I stuck in the probe - 138 degrees.  HUH????  With the snake I was holding a solid 250 degrees till then.  Getting worried, I threw on some more charcoal and opened the vents, and got it up to 350 pretty quickly.  Once we got to 175 I threw both butts into a foil pan, covered them tightly, and put em back in till we hit 203 degrees.  I pulled them off 8 hours and 1 minute in.  They rested in the foam cooler with blankets for an hour, then I shredded them with claws.

    Let me say - the BEST, the BEST I've ever done. The meat was soft, tender, flavorful, and the crust was amazing!  There was half a sandwich baggie left, and I think that's because people don't want to take the scraps from the pan.  Every year we do a party on the fourth, and I tell my wife and guests burgers and dogs are not BBQ - so I insist on smoking some pork.  Every year they rave about the it, but this year - hot dog, this was some good stuff.  I had several guests go out of their way to compliment it!

    What would I do differently next time?  Maybe start a little earlier, and or run it a little bit hotter.  I did the snake 2 wide by 2 tall... maybe go three tall next time.  I bet if I did 275 all day long instead of 250, I wouldn't have had the 350 degree freakout.  

    Never the less....  Hot dang that was some good 'cue.  Man.  Thanks again boys, I appreciate the advice!

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