Decided on a smoker....but can't find it!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by rockysmoke, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. Well, after much research I decided to go with the MES 30.  I would like to get the new stainless MES with window but cannot find it anywhere!  Sams is out of stock, Home Depot, Lowes, and Bass Pro do not have it. Even though it has been out for several months, noone seems to carry it. I guess noone smokes meat in Colorado. [​IMG] Does anyone have suggestions where I can find it?
  2. eman

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    From what i understand that unit is a Sams exclusive.

     go to sams website and find the closest store to you that has it in stock and then talk to your local sams store manager and see if you can work something out about getting it shipped to your local store.

     looking at the way it is being listed it looks like this may be an item that sams is dicontinuing??

     Make sure that the unit that you are buying is the 1200watt model.
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  3. bobbygee

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    I'm not sure about the 30" model w/window but I contacted masterbuilt  regarding the 40" w/window availability in my area (Pa.),they informed me they are out of stock until October and suggested checking out the closest Cabelas and Bass Pro Shop.
  4. ryanhoelzer

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    Sams never had the 30", they had the 40".  The only place I ever saw the 30" with window was Home Depot.  Lowes had it without window.  There are a few other places that had various models but I don't remember the details.

    I have the stainless one and like it but I don't think you'll lose much if you get the black without the window.

    Looks like HD has the black 30" online only.  All the Lowes around me show they still have the black one $20 cheaper than HD but you'd have to pay taxes vs free shipping.

    Seems like MB underestimated the popularity of the stainless models.  I would guess they try to only produce as many as they'll sell through the season.  While most of us here smoke year round, the general public only buys this stuff through the spring and summer. 
  5. fftwarren

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  6. beer-b-q

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    I would go with the 40" from Sams if I were you otherwise you will end up hating your decision later when you get into using it.  From what I have read the 30" seems to have a problem with getting the chips to smoke.

    I have the new 40" with the 1200 watt element and I love it.
  7. ryanhoelzer

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    That place on Amazon says they have 2 left, but their price is really high.

    The problem with getting the 40" is finding one..  Sam's shows they're pretty much out of them.  I actually checked every store in CO and none have it.  You might get lucky and find someone that could get it from another store and ship it but I kind of doubt it.  Looks like they're pretty slim.

    I'm not even seeing many on Ebay, that's unusual.  There's a 40" that they want $499 for..

    Save some money and get the black from Lowes, then buy the A-Maze-N-Smoker and you'll get longer smoke anyway.
  8. dale5351

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    I tried a web search and did not find it.  I think that I saw one at Bass Pro shop in Maryland a couple weeks ago -- they are about the same as Cabela's.

    My personal opinion would be to stay away from a glass window.   I have a wood burning stove with a glass window.  Although it is nice to see the flames etc., it is a pain to keep clean enough to see through.  I suspect that a glass window in a smoker would be as bad.
  9. tjohnson

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    SAMS in Shakopee, Minnesota still has a few 40" MES in-stock for $299

    If you ask your local SAMS, they can transfer from one store to another.  They may not want to, but you just have to ask!!!

  10. ryanhoelzer

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    I would refuse to pay $399 at BassPro when Sams had it for $299, then $269. 

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