Deal on Pork Butt/ Smokin' Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokininidaho, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. smokininidaho

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    Hi Guys, well I got a deal on a shoulder the other day. I had gone to the market the day before and saw this real nice piece of pork with a great fat cap, I didn't buy it and I couldn't stop thinking about it (I know I'm crazy). Went back the next day for some brew and I couldn't believe it was still there only this time priced $6.00 off! I grabbed it up and had the butcher cut it in half for me.



    So the price you see $1.98 a lb. and $3.00 off each roast. $7.34 for the 5.2 pounder and $5.91 for the 4.5 pounder.

    So I have the 5.2 pounder rubbed and ready for my new offset tomorrow.


    So I will try to document this smoke, I'm going to smoke on my new offset, it's a bit of overkill for this small shoulder but I have to try her out!

  2. smokinal

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    Good luck! We'll be watching!
  3. slownlow

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    [​IMG]    got my chair ready.
  4. mballi3011

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    And the finished product looks like..............................
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  5. smokininidaho

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    Well I've got it working with lump and cherrywood.


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  6. I'm a newbie so this may be a stupid question - Why did you make cuts into the butt before smoking it?

  7. smokininidaho

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    Not a stupid question. This piece of meat has a pretty thick fat cap on it. I cut into the fat cap down to the meat and then some so my rub would penetrate the meat otherwise the rub would not penetrate the fat cap to get into the roast. This way I get my rub into the top of the meat under the fat cap, then the fat melts down into the roast and after that it's all good, trust me!
  8. Thanks!  That makes perfect sense to me.
  9. berninga87

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    So how did it turn out? 
  10. smokininidaho

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    Sorry to say it turned out bad! Been working the 12 hour night shift for the past 4 nights so haven't had time to post. I used some Frontier lump from Lowes ( made in Mexico). I think that's what ruined my cook. The stuff really smelled bad once it started burning, I let it go as I had no other choice really as I already had started the butt and thought maybe the bad smell was just my new smoker (which I had seasoned). Well when I seasoned the smoker it smelled just fine. At one point about about 2 hours into the cook I went out to spray the butt with some apple juice and it smelled almost like burning tar and I thought wtf. I was using the minion method with this stuff. To make a long story short I threw the roast out, it was that bad. I contacted Lowes customer service via email and of course no response. Maybe I just got a bad bag I don't know but I sure won't buy it again, btw a lot of small pieces and dust in the bag. I had read reviews about the Frontier lump and they seemed good, but there is no review about the lump from Mexico. Well I've still got the other roast and checked online and may have found some Royal Oak lump at a Walmart near me but not the one closest to me. Royal Oak is my favorite but it's hard to find up here in Idaho once the weather gets cold. I will stock up before winter next year. Oh well you win some and lose some. It's snowing like crazy here right now but that's not gonna stop me from smoking some meat if I can score that Royal Oak!
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  11. berninga87

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    No biggie! live and learn right? I get my royal oak at menards or walmart, but the lump does burn up quite a bit faster i've noticed, so i usually use a combination of that with some kingsford regular coals and whatever wood chips or chunks i feel like using, and always start with a chimney of the kingsford. Sorry to hear about that frontier...never even heard of it, they have stubb's at the lowes here, gonna try it someday but its a little pricier than my regular. Also the I usually find the kingsford in bundle packages like 2-20lb bags for $17 or so and the stuff really does a good job IMHO. Well I look forward to seein how the next roast goes anyway! Oh and how did your temps hold up? I have a brinkmann SNP almost identical to that and have some modifications done, I posted a bunch of pictures a while back, be happy to give you the link if your interested
  12. smokininidaho

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    Temps held ok but were a litttle off, 20 degrees cooler from firebox to stack side. You should try the Stubbs charcoal it's really good stuff all natural with a small amount of vegetable binder, it smells great, burns hot and leaves less ash than Kingsford, good stuff. I almost bought that instead of the Frontier now I wish I would have. Sure I'd like the link to see your smoker mods. Thanks!
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  13. frosty

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    Keep trying!  I've had bad charcoal as well, hopefully the next one will be a home run.  Good luck with it!
  14. berninga87

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    Will definitely be trying the stubbs now, thanks! PMd you about my smoker mods also
  15. sqwib

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    You always have a choice, if you are ever stuck like that again, foil it and continue on in the smoker or remove and finish in the oven.

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune.
  16. scarbelly

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    Great advice here - never settle - there are always options 

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