Deal alert in N. Texas - Pork Spare Ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by texasgal81, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. This morning I was at my Market Street grocery store (United Supermarkets) and racks of pork spare ribs were only $1.47 a lb. Last week I got the same brand at Walmart for $1.97. I got 2 racks and 1 is on the smoker now. Hope someone else can take advantage of the deal! I also got two whole chickens in the clearance area for $3.50 a piece (40% off). The only thing about the clearance items are that the sell by date is tomorrow, but I plan on throwing them on tomorrow anyways.
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    Wow, what a difference between Texas and California.  I shop sell by dates too.  About the best deal I see on spares is $2.99/lb at the markets where I shop.  In RARE cases they'll have $2.99/lb BOGOF (buy one get one free).  Whole chickens are usually $.99/lb on sale.  Yesterday they were $2.49/lb!  I about choked when I saw that.

  3. My grocery store is usually more expensive than the bigger chain stores. The spares are usually $3.69 a pound so this is a really big sale. I just wish I had room to buy more!

    And man! That chicken price!? No way. I couldn't afford to live in Cali. Lol. Chickens are usually $1.19 a lb where I shop but I've seen them $.89. This is the first time I've seen them in the clearance but I grabbed them right as she was putting them out. Happened to be there at the right time I guess.
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    You've become mighty handy  to the DFW member with al these bargain alerts!  Thanks! b
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    Millers Markets in Genoa, Ohio have Baby Back Ribs this weekend june 13 & 14 at $2.97 lb.

    Man What a deal! I am Gonna go see the meat man and see if I can get a couple of cases to last me the summer!

    We have a good relationship....He likes to stare at my wife when we are in there and I like the good deals that gets me!

    Wink Wink!!!   LOL!!!

  6. I don't mind helpin' you out B! Go get you some!

    LOL! I wouldn't know about that, but good deal! The baby backs weren't on sale here..

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