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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by resstealth, May 25, 2014.

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    Between a few issues with my brand new wsm 18.5 and not being able to use my new maverick 733, I used the temp gauge on my wsm with some estimation and turned out some amazing chicken and burgers. I used Jeff's recipe for bacon wrapped chicken thighs, and also smoked the burgers. Everyone here said the chicken was the best they had ever had. Plan on lining out the maverick tomorrow and cleaning my wsm. I have some pics if someone can tell me how to put them in here
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    Uploading pics from your PC/Wireless device:

    On the top of the reply box, find the bar on the upper with a picture icon (largest bar towards the right of the set);

    Right click the insert image button;

    Right click the Upload File button;

    Select the folder location on your device to open, find the image you want to upload and select it;

    For multiple photos, click for instructions in the dialog box for uploading...(something with holding the ctrl button on keyboard)

    I like to do one pic at a time, press enter to add a space between and type in text, then load the next and repeat.

    First smoke, and nothing but trouble staring at you...and you still pulled it off...that's smoking in the real world, brother. Do what you gotta do and get it done...and all was well...nice!!!

    Sounds like you a had a run similar to one I had several days ago...smoking two pork picnic shoulders for my daughters graduation party...while I was at work and/or trying to catch some sleep in between...couldn't find my digital probe, so I flew by "visual flight rules" all the way to the finish, 22 hours later. I was running my tried and true wet-to-dry smoke chamber method and the pulled pork was among the best we've had for a couple years...go figure...I know I prefer picnics over butts for PP...picnics have so much more depth of flavor and more of the darker meat which retains moisture better than the lighter meat. Sometimes it makes me wonder if it's time for me to run without the extra gadgets and just go with my gut...gotta have the cabinet thermometer on a propane smoker, though, and of course a probe or pen for yard birds and rare beef, med/rare pork...ah, wishful thinking...better find my probe. At least my door thermometer has been very trustworthy according to my occasional checks.

    I'll watch for your pics...gotta work Monday, so I'll be back in the evening,

    Keep on smokin'!!!

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    Sorry for the low pic quality, it was dark when I took them. The chicken was amazing. Something about smoking 4 hour buttermilk soaked chicken works.
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    Mmm...I just got home and kicked out an email for work...haven't eaten yet...now my big gut is chasin' my lil' gut around wantin' ta eat it!!!! LOL!!! Looks good!!!

    Hmm, buttermilk & chicken..there's a few on SMF that I've read about doing that in the past couple of years. Might have to give it a whirl and see all the fuss is about, huh? LOL!!!

    Main thing is that you had a good turnout and the the food was a hit...that always makes me want to do it again ASAP...I get a huge boost from sharing good food.

    Keep on smokin"!!!

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    I'm definitely proud of how it turned out. I told my buddy who was here that we we were doing ham Sunday and he said he'd buy chicken if is throw it on the smoker with the ham, he liked it that much.
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