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  1. Need help from the pros out there. First I will be doing Pork Butts for a St. Patty's day party for 25 to 30 people. Do you recommend Boston Butts or Pork Shoulder? Does the smoking time increase when putting 3 or 4 pieces in at once. I an using a 30" Mastercraft electric smoker
  2. Your choice (best price) I like Butts  as long as you can maintain a constant temp you can put as many butts as your smoker will hold

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    You can use either one but get the cheapest you can and cook it ahead of time,it is easy to warm it up to serve
  4. Welcome home Brother
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    That's the big thing----"If you can maintain a high enough temp". That depends on the particular smoker.

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    By pork shoulder I assume you mean picnic? (Shoulder typically refers to the entire shoulder cut that includes the butt and the picnic). Personally I prefer the butt as I think they have a better flavor (probably due to the extra fat) but I have no problem buying a picnic if they are on sale (I got two last week at $1.5 per lb). 

    As for smoking multiple butts, you can do as many as you can fit while still leaving a few inches on all sides to allow the smoke/air to move through the smoker.

    Good luck.

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