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  1. So I smoked a nice 9lb. butt yesterday and it overcooked. I promise I'm bearing myself up for you guys, haha. Not sure what happened exactly but my probe thermometer was off by about fifteen degrees and the IT when I pulled it off was around 210 according to my instant read. My question is, is there anything you know of that can help get some moisture back into some of the pork? I have some bacon ends and pieces that I was thinking of rendering and mixing back in to up the fat that was lost along with some finishing sauce. If anyone has a surefire method, I'm all ears! The taste is spot on so I don't want to throw a bunch of strong flavors into if I can help it. At least it looks pretty
  2. I would recommend using a finishing sauce or some au jus. @Chef JimmyJ has a good au jus recipe.
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      And/or some apple juice. Pig likes apple.
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    While it was cooking what happened to the drippings that came off the meat? Did you use a Drip Pan? Anyway, the Bacon fat would be ok but go easy, you don't want it too greasy. If the flavor is good, just add some neutral flavored moisture. Apple Cider or 50/50 Apple Cider and Water will work. I have been adding Coke during the reheat of my Pulled Pork, all ready with Finishing Sauce and the family loves it, not an overpowering flavor...JJ
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  5. You guys, as always, are awesome. I have my own little concoction of finishing sauce I use that hasn't steered me wrong yet. I already mixed it in but I wanted a little more of something to help it out.
    1 c. Apple cider vinegar
    2 1/2 tbs. Dark brown sugar
    2 tsp. Old Bay
    1/2 tsp. Chili powder
    Fresh ground pepper to taste. (Some days I like a good wallop of pepper, sometimes not)
    I will definitely try the coke out JJ! I don't drink the stuff anymore but I do love the flavor. Same with apple juice. I'll try it all in batches and let you know what works best. Hopefully others can learn from my mistakes.
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     That's sounds sooooo wrong............... LOL And he told me the white powder covering his apron was flour.
  7. I jumped on here to kill some time and realized I forgot to getbad to this. Sorry if I left you hanging. I cooked everything up later that week and I think the winner was bacon grease. The cider vinegar was too much since I had some in my sauce already, and the straight AJ needed too much to make a difference. A little went a long way, maybe a teaspoon for a 4oz serving.

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