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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by david what, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. david what

    david what Fire Starter

    Some time after the first of the year, i need some help. If I can get permission from the city, I want to smoke for the homeless.
    I will be buying the meat, pig legs, but based on number to feed i will need some additional smokers.
    Anyone willing to donate a days time and their smoking ability and help me out?
  2. rebekah cox

    rebekah cox Newbie


    What part of DFW are you looking to do this in? I would be interested in helping depending on the date and time.

  3. david what

    david what Fire Starter

    Thanks Rebekah. I'm thinking April sometime. I don't have a preference, but was thinking Tarrant county since that is where I live. But I'm in the Hurst area so Dallas isn't far.
  4. rebekah cox

    rebekah cox Newbie

    Ok, I'm in the Keller area, just keep me posted.

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