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Discussion in 'Winos & Wood Chips' started by cappyr, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. cappyr

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    While responding to a different post I thought of our favorite seafood loving wine snob Yankee gal.  I drug these fine selections from the bottom row of my wine cabinet I leave them there to scandalize the wine snobs who always snoop my rack when they visit.  I had a jug of MD but in a fit of nostalgia the other night I drank it.[​IMG]

  2. Hah! Well top of the morning to you, my great grilling and smoking friend in the sunny south!


    Yes, as a Yankee Lass, I'm all for making the wine snobs gasp, grab their...well, their egos, and then run! Too funny!

    Here's to you and your libation therefore!!!!!

    And make this great weekend delicious!!!!!!!!

    Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah
  3. knuckle47

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    Hi Cappy,

    When you say "a jug of MD ", might that be MD 20/20?. I haven't heard that in nearly 44 years!
    They used to slug that while waiting line for tickets outside the doors of the Fillmore East in 1970. I don't believe I was old enough to drive

    The next one I remember was Mateus Rose...

    ( FYI the Filmore, for those young 'uns, was a 1960s 1970s theater with about 2200 seats where early hard rock musicians performed. It was a place on the west coast and east coast where so many great live albums were recorded. We bought tickets once for Jefferson Airplane...8th row for $5.50. When they cancelled, we wound up with either a refund or to use those tickets to see Jethro Tull. Ok, that worked )
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  4. cappyr

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    Yep, there shoulda been a fifth of mad dog 20/20 in that line up but it seems to have disapeared from the bottom rack of my wine rack.  Like often no one wants to fess up to drinking it ma self included.[​IMG]
  5. knuckle47

    knuckle47 Meat Mopper

    Well THAT is really a vintage collection !

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