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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by bishgeo, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. bishgeo

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    Made first cut across the top and down sides a few inches so saw wouldn't hit hinges on side cut after they were welded on finished top cut it went BONK and popped out what now.??

  2. I make my door handle flanges to fit the radius of the door exactly and weld them on before I cut the tank/ pipe. This will keep the door from springing.

    As far as the rest of the pipe.. I always weld the firebox and end caps on before I cut the door. It may or may not do anything to keep it in place, but I have not had the CC give me a problem on any of my builds yet. So more than likely , it must help.

    You could push it back in place and tack weld it , then follow the way I do it, or try to bend it with a chain and bottle jack. If it's the cc and not the door, just remember that you have the reverse flow plate to weld in, and that could be utilized to help hold the pipe where you want it also.
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    Since I am only doing my first build I really dont know the solution to this. Possibly strapping it down to pull it into place. If I had been in my shop and that had happened the explosive fit I would have thrown would have caused the neighbor to call 911. Names Jerome and I welcome you to the forum. Great group of folks that are highly skilled on here and they will be repsponding to your question. No doubt they will get you squared away. I will be watching your progress.
  4. bishgeo

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    I clamped it down I'm going to wx hinges on and hope when I finish cutting door it relaxes. Most build I've seen they cut top of door weld hinges on then cut door befor any thing else.
  5. Ok, ....just don't forget your going to need a door flange in there somewhere....
  6. bishgeo

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    Got it all cut door is a little jacked up don't know what im going to do with it yet.High in spots low in spots.

  7. jmud

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    Never seen hinges like this, different. I like em!
  8. bishgeo

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    Ebay look up trailer door hinges.

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