cutting a butt in half to smoke

Discussion in 'Pork' started by shaun h, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. How come this isn't a very common approach?  I would think that it would greatly decrease the time of cook, but I haven't read anything on here about people taking this approach.  Is there a down side to it?
  2. oldschoolbbq

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      Uh, might be we like it better[​IMG]

  3. flash

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    And the purpose? I mean, do you only want to cook 1/2 of one or both halves?  At any rate, it may cut the time, but it will be very little. Hardly worth the effort.
  4. I'm new to smoking...and it seems....blasphemous.

    Just my .02 though 
  5. bearcarver

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    I never did it, but it could give you more Bark too, if you like a lot of Bark.

  6. im just thinking if you got a 8lber, then you cut it in half and cook two 4lbers then you get the same meat, more bark, and half the time.  Right?
  7. frybob

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    I've done it and it does cut down the cooking time. Two 4 pound butts do cook faster they one 8 pounder. Turns out just fine.
  8. pops6927

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    Problem with me, once I cut it that first time, before I know it I've got some mighty tasty sausage goin' on... lol![​IMG]
  9. you can also go to the extreme of cutting into cubes...carnitas recipe I have says 2" cubes...that recipe calls for smoking the cubes for 1 hr, roasting in a covered pan with some liquid for 2 hrs at 350 and then an 1hr with the lid off.  Works great, mash the meat up with forks or tongs for great carnitas or BBQ sandwiches.
  10. smokinal

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    If it's a bone in butt, I think I would leave it whole.
  11. flash

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     It will cut the time, but no where near half.  1/2 hour, hour. Guess it depends on the butt.
  12. Chris Lilly of Bob Gibson fame says an hour a # at 225-250 but I always add an hour and then take off the smoker, wrap in foil and wait an hour.  Last picnic I cooked would not come up to temperature and I had to put in the kitchen oven but when I pulled it, it had the biggest front shoulder bone in it I have ever seen.  Not sure if that was the reason or not.  Sticking to butts from now on or if picnics are cheaper, will cube it.
  13. cfarley

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    Umm a butt is the front shoulder...
  14. Um no it's not.  The butt is one piece of the front shoulder.  The front shoulder is the butt and the picnic.  Google could be your friend.

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