Cut-N-Shoot Texas Area Pit Master Insight/Suggestions?

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  1. New member here.

    We have a "truck farm" located between Cut-n-Shoot & Cleveland TX and are considering opening a produce stand on our farm beginning perhaps in late May. We have a large offset smoker and 7'x7' smoke house. We raise a few pigs also. We have a "Food Permit" from the State of Texas, allowing us to offer smoked meats for retail purchase.

    I have lots of experience smoking hogs and chicken, but have little experience with brisket.  In any event, I don't have time to be a pitmaster, so wondering if any one out there may know someone that might be interested in being a part time pitmaster or perhaps training someone to be.

    Not really sure as to how this may eventually work out; it may be once a week thing or once/twice a month thing.  If need be, we will have other workers around to do some of the more physical work. Perhaps this might be an ideal position for someone that is retired and enjoys the pit. Compensation will be included with all the que you can eat!

    Hoping this is not breaking any forum rules.

    If interested  email me via this forum.

    Naturally any suggestions on how to better go about this task will be appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance,

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