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  1. asked the butcher for short ribs and came home with these. I think I only got one rib that will actually be usable(the one on the thick end) looks like I got a big cut of some steak or something.
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    The picture is not showing up. Be glad to help when it does
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    I have to say, these are perplexing me. Especially that one strip of really lean looking meat. The short ribs I have gotten have always been well marbled throughout. Do you know the grade of the meat?
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    I would smoke it whole however. The thickness looks pretty normal from
    What I have experienced
  5. Based in Canada, assuming AAA or prime(which is top grade here) as it came from a well-regarded and established butcher shop.
  6. After re-watching this very informative video on youtube several times here is my supposition:

    These are plate short rib bones 7, 8, 9 and 10. Bone 7 is on the left in this picture. The bone is at the bottom, then above it is a fat membrane, then above that is the well-marbled and delicious serratus ventralis, then another fat membrane, then on top is the lifter muscle(latissimus dorsi). As you can see, bone 7 has a large amount of serratus ventralis compared to bone 10 on the far right which looks to have no serratus ventralis. I am slightly disappointed because I asked the butcher for bones 6, 7 and 8. I read these are the desirable ones without really knowing why. Now I assume it is because bones 6, 7 and 8 have the thickest amount of serratus ventralis. It appears what I think are bones 9 and 10 have too much fat and almost no beautiful marbled serratus. I will cook this piece whole and report back. Knowing what I think I know now[​IMG] I would look for a short plate with less fat membrane, and more marbling in the serratus and the lifter muscles. 

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  7. Bought a second plate(cooking for more than expected). Same supplier, different butcher. This is what I was looking for!
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    That definitely looks more like what I am used too!  That is going to be some good eats!  hope you get some pics for us! haha
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    Plate short ribs are supposed to be really good also, and are often more uniform than the beef short ribs. Beef short ribs are usually bones 6, 7, and 8, with plate short ribs being bones 2, 3, 4, and 5.  
  10. Turned out sooo well! 9 or 10 hours 250ish in a komodo with a water pan. Lump charcoal, some pressed coconut charcoal and a few thin sticks of applewood. Salt and pepper. Trimmed all silver skin and fat off the tops. No spritz. Pulled of at 193ish when I poked them and the thermometer went in like warm butter through all membranes. Foiled and cooked for another 20 minutes then straight in to a cooler for 3 hours. Well appreciated by everyone, all of whom
    had never had a Dino short rib.
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    Wow! They look absolutely incredible! And I wouldn't mind eating them with that view! Points for sure!

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