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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by ribwizzard, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. I got this one a few months back and been holding off doing anything with it thinking I might come across a virgin tank. But. Since I haven't, I'll go ahead and redo this one. Ive seen a few built like this locally, so someone must be building them and selling them around here. Obvious that it wont cook worth a damn, and seeing they have been burning inside the cooking chamber confirms it.
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    Morning RW.... Looks like the doors seal pretty well from here... Nice food racks.... Trailer looks OK.....

    Still lots of work to do I'm guessing....

    Have you figured out a design yet...
  6. Hey Dave.
    Im thinking of shortening the trailer so that it ends right before the firebox. Pushing the smoker back to be a bit more centered on the trailer and raise it up some. Im probably just going to do a traditional offset smoker, but use some 2" angle ran length wise from the firebox to about halfway down the cc. Im thinking if I stack them in there with a 1/2 " gap between them, it will be kind of like tuning plates but let grease drip through. If I find a virgin tank before i get firebox done, then you all will be seeing something totally different.
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    Not sure what you are thinking but was it something like this......

  8. No, probably going to run them length wise in the tank with the " point" up. Thinking it will help trap more heat under them, absorbing more before it goes out the exhaust
  9. This is what I really want to build if I find a good tank before I get too far.
  10. Hi guys,

    I'm new to the forum so I'm just starting to get my feet wet. Anyhow you guys might be able to help me out. I've just started my build and will start a thread showing the process soon but I'm having a tough time with the recommended calculations for the fire box. Not sure if I'm doing the math right. It tells me my tank is around a 75 gallon propane tank.

    Couple questions.

    Ribwizzard, why is the one you bought not very good

    What is the pros and cons of a round FB compared to a square FB?

    Should I build a RFS over a standard?

    Here is a couple of pics on the progress.

    I'm ready to start building the fire box and I have round air tanks I could use or should I go square?

    Thanks... any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Ive always liked building a square firebox over using a tank. Fiqure that by the time you find one with a diameter big enough, its way too long. So by the time you cut it and shorten it, frame in a door, fiqure out how to mount it to the cooking chamber, make air intakes , etc. Its less work to build one out of plate.
  12. The problem with this smoker is that the firebox dia. Is way too small. By the time you get a big enough fire, the flames will be hitting the top of the firebox and will never breath good enough to do any good. Thats why they had to run a 2nd fire inside the cook chamber.
  13. That was what I was thinking. Just wasn't sure. I like the idea of a square box and it looks cool. I want it to be as efficient as possible. Thanks.
  14. I use this to get my figures But as far as round or square you can usually find 1/4 round pipe for a fire pit cheaper than buying 1/4 inch steel plate and the labor building the box. For true efficiency like you had mention my opinion leans towards a insulated square firebox but if I'm not insulating it I'll make it round most times.

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