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Discussion in 'Beef' started by adam31, Jan 14, 2015.

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    Hey guys,
    So i have a 10.5lb brisket that was separated into point and flat. I'm gonna smoke then at the same time with pork butt. The cooking time for the brisket should be shorter due to the fact that it is separated right? I think the point is around 7lbs and flat might be 3.5. I'm planning on 1.25-1.5hrs smoke time. Gonna wrap brisket and butt at 165-170F and pull off at 205F to rest for 1-2hrs.
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    I take it you are going to pull both the brisket and the butt?  If you are going to slice the brisket pull it at 195-197 and rest.  When i cook brisket I plan for one hour per pound plus two hours at 235.  You may also test the tenderness of the brisket by probing with a tooth pick.  Watch your temps both smoker and meat and all will be fine.  Patience wins the day.

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    The buitt should take about twice as long, Thats how I'd figure. But I would cook the butt the day before or up to a week before. It actually benefits from it. it allows you to add some finsihing sauce. What? You never tryed finishing sauce? JJ's is pretty good, search JJ's finishing sauce. It allows you to modify the moisture content while adding some small flavor enhancers which those eatting will not even comprehend. They will only know your butt tastes better for some strange reason.

    Reheating is so simple, and you can again adjust the moisture with the finishing sauce. A crockpot works excellent. slow heat with a lid to keep those juices in.

    Then all you'll need worry about is the brisket. Seriously its the best way to do it.

    There will be mentioned here numerous ways to cook, time and temps, foil or no foil, water pan or dry, etc etc etc..... Save the hassle of trying to do two at once and those you'll be feeding will love it.
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    Since both briskets and butts will hold up in the cooler with towels for literally hours and hours, there is no problem with one coming off a few hours before the other.  I'm doing briskets and butts this weekend and probing everything. 

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