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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ccsmoker, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Does anyone charge for custom smoking? Looking for a way to fund my next build. Wondering what to charge. Not interested in catering just a little sideline.
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    I don't charge for custom smoking. Do you have people that are interested in paying you? Whatever the task is, when it comes to side work I always reference back to high school economics. What is the opportunity cost? Is the time you invest worth the money or are your talents better suited elsewhere? Good luck with the endeavor. I am interested to see if you can make some money smoking on the side (I could see myself doing that if it is a viable option).
  3. I have had people interested in paying and my current smoke house is 4'x5'x7' hoping to try to get some meat together to utilize the space. the money is a bonus to help fund my next build but I am not sure how to charge. Per piece or per lb? Usually I am making a few roasts or racks and waste alot of space but the flavor out of the house is much better than my little gas smoker.
  4. How about some investigative work by calling some local BBQ places about their pricing? I know the rule of thumb for catering pricing is everything x3, but not sure that would apply to just cooking them the food and that's it.
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    What ever you do, make sure you call your insurer. One little thing goes wrong you lose everything. Good Luck
  6. i have had people approach me about smoking things for them, i guess if you feel right, charge them for your time.

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    I agree with this very much.
  8. I'd call around and get some prices, then check meat prices where you are going to buy from, figure your time and all the extra stuff you need and what you want to make, Might have to do a few to really get the feel

  9. I see your from Minnesota.....

    Depending on where your at you might be fine but Minnesota is a heavily regulated state.

    To legitimately do custom smoking would require a licensed facility and there are many city & county health inspectors ready to nail ya.

    Sorry, just passing along my experiences as a small food business owner here.


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