Currently Curing Brinkmann Smoke N Pit????

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by nickm62388, Mar 9, 2015.

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    I currently am curing my Brinkmann Smoke N Pit offset smoker for the first time. It had said in manual to put charcoal both in firebox and cooking chamber. Is that only for curing process correct?? Because I will strictly be using this as a smoker and never using it as a grill... The temperature has been at a steady 400 degrees for past 2 hours, and thats with both vents completely closed. I only closed the vents fully because it says in manual not to exceed 450 degrees which if i kept any vents open temp would have climbed higher....Does this sound familiar to anyone else? It has been burning high temp for almost 3 hours now?? Is this normal, is it only cause i have charcoal in both firebox and cooking chamber?? When actually cooking, I will only ever be putting charcoal in the firebox only right???

    Im just confused cause everyone on forums and such says this model is a piece of junk and can't hold temperature, when mine is holding steady temperature for almost 3 hours.
  2. I would say yes its because you have fire in both the cc and the firebox. you'll should see a big difference using just the fire box

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