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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by bobbygee, May 20, 2012.

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    Hey guys,I'm planning to smoke some homemade brats in the near future, so obviosly I needed to do my research.I understand I need to add a teaspoon of cure # 1 for every 5# of meat,The questions I have are ..1- Can I add the cure directy to the meat or do I need to dilute it in a little water then add to meat.2-Can I immedialtley stuff the casing after the cure is added and start my cold smoking or do I need to let the meat sit for a time before I start the smoking process?
  2. yes you can add the cure and your spices to about a cup of water per 5lb ice water is best, and it is easiest to mix and then stuff, if you let the meat rest in the refrigerator to cure it will get more stiff, especially if you are adding a binder like soy protein or powdered milk and that will make it harder to stuff, yes you can smoke when done stuffing, after stuffing hang them until the casings are dry, and then your ready to smoke
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    lots of way to add the cure. i add the tsp of cure to the water for better delivery into the meat. better to dissolve than to bite into a sausage and a clump of cure or mix.

    yes you can stuff/smoke right away if you like.
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    Thanx guys!

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