Curing portions of a farm fresh pig and what to brine

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jimmyjamshams, Aug 11, 2013.

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    This is the first time of me personally buying a whole hog then portioning it. I purchased a hog from a local meat locker and I was originally wanted to smoke and serve the whole hog at a local event but decided against it because it was my first time doing so. I then decided to butcher the hog that had been purchased and prepping it for brining or smoking on my home made smoker. I was wanting to know what a good brine is for hams etc. that should be used or is it just personal preference?

    Please let me know
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    Jim, evening and welcome to the forum.....  A whole pig.....  sounds wonderful....  Lots of really good stuff to do with that...  There are some safety items and health items when it comes to smoking meats....   Below are a couple links to some reading that you might consider perusing  before delving into the "art"..... There are so many recipes that you need to find a recipe and ask questions about it....  there are hundreds of methods and recipes, and not knowing which direction you want explore makes an answer, now, impractical....   but we are very willing to help once we know where you want to go.... Once you decide the direction, there are some supplies you will need... Andouille Sausage as an example, grinder, stuffer, casings and spices...  Smoked Ham leg... brining bucket, cure, injection syringe etc.   and a fridge to keep the stuff cold for an extended period of time....   Nothing fancy about any of the ingredients, but they are necessary......   There are lots of things to make from pig that don't need anything special...  I,and others are here to help you be the best in your neighborhood.....


    Please take a moment and stop into " /Roll Call/   " and introduce yourself and get a proper welcome from our members.... Also, if you would note your location in your profile, it will help in the future when answering questions about smokin'...   elevation, humidity etc....    

    We're glad you stopped in and joined our group...    Enjoy the long smokey ride....     Dave
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