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  1. Hey.Ive been smoking meats and fish for around 10-15yrs now and it never gets boring.There is always something new to try.However ive recently began tryin to make some dry cured meats and have some questions.I have a curing room in my home(spare room/storage rm)in which i have the meats hanging at around 58-60degrees and 70-75%humidity.I have some sopressata.saucisson sec.coppa and lonzino curing right now and i gotta say the whole upper floor of my house smells delicious!My problem is the sausage lost over 30% of their weight in 10days!This seems awfully fast.Is it normal at this temp/humidity?Also if i wrap the coppas and lonzinos with cheesecloth will it help them retain moisture and slow the curing time?Also i do use instcure#2 and have a cool mist humidifier in the room to maintain those temperatures.Any info is greatly appreciated!!thx Rick
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    I use a small wine refrigerator for curing.  Using a whole room adds some complications.  Is there excessive air movement in the room?  A little is good.  Sometimes too much can accelerate the moisture loss.  Also, where in the room are you measuring the humidity?  I've found that measurements are higher near the floor than they are near the ceiling, so your humidity may be lower than you think.  Try moving the hygrometer or humidistat higher and lower and to different spots in the room throughout a day or two and see if the readings vary.  You may have to up the humidity overall to get the hanging area to the right level.   I have at times resorted to spraying the casings with water mist to slow the drying, when all else failed.  I am envious that you have a whole room to fill with hanging meat.

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    I have a wine cooler as well.  Please explain how you use yours to cure sausage.  Thanks.

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