Curing Bacon w/Morton Tender Quick

Discussion in 'Bacon' started by lonewolfcub, Apr 4, 2016.

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    OK, my first attempt at curing/smoking bacon and I have a rookie question. The instructions on the Mortons TC is pretty straightforward, 1 TBSP for each pound of meat, but it also says it should be in the cure for up to 24 hours. Most of the posts I've read are in the 7-14 days depending of course on the weight/thickness of the belly. 

    I know to rinse/soak the belly after the cure process, so should I just ignore the 24 hour suggestion on the packaging?

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    Thanks for the reply Al. I found Bear's post after I made my post, so I went ahead and made the cure and popped them in ziplocks. I figure I can get to smoking them next Wednesday. I don't have the ability to cold smoke, and have a big green egg. Was planning on smoking it in the low 200 range until the belly gets to 150F. Will this work?
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    Some people do that, and some cold smoke (below 100°).

    For Belly Bacon, I prefer using smoker temps of 110° to 130° for 8 to 12 hours, with smoke all but the first hour. I don't worry what the IT is when my Belly Bacon is done. However I smoke my Buckboard Bacon & my Canadian Bacon until the IT is between 145° and 150°. That way I can either eat it cold or just warm it up a bit.

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