Curing and smoking turkey breast, need help please

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by fanci, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. fanci

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    Hello fellow smokers!  I have cured and smoked turkey legs before, using the liquid plus the TenderQiuck method on this forum.  Can I cure and smoke a turkey breast too?  Has anyone ever cured a turkey breast before?  I think I want to try it!  Thank you in advance. 
  2. smokinal

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    Yes I've cured a whole turkey. It gives it a sort of hammy flavor. The meat turns pink, so if you have friends over your going to have to tell them it's done. The cure makes it pink! The flavor is very good. I used a brine cure. Pops brine cure is the best.
  3. fanci

    fanci Fire Starter

    SmokinAl, OK thank you.  I am going to do that.  I will start the curing process tonight.  The turkey breast is 6.5 pounds.  I think I will use the MES with the AMZN gadget.  Or I may use the BigSteel Keg; not sure yet.   

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