Curing a pork leg and then smoking it

Discussion in 'Pork' started by gen0, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Although my MES30 will not arrive until mid December, I am making plans. I have been studying the process of curing a leg and the smoking seems understandable.

      My plan, and I hope the experts here will help me out, is to buy a pork leg early december. I plan to use TenderQuick, a 5 gallon food grade bucket an mix the water / TenderQuick at 4 :1.    I will have a dedicated refrigerator to cure the leg.  Give it a swish and stir every day for...

       How long? a week? 10 days?

       Then on to the MES30 Christmas eve I guess since I may also do a turkey for Christmas.

          Am I on the right track?   
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    You would have to refer to Morton's website for specific instructions on curing with TenderQuick solutions:

    As these are registered (®) processes for their company, we really can't speak for their recipes, etc., but this link should give you information for everything you need to know!  

    We do utilize common information about dry curing with Morton's Tenderquick, plus information on Cure #1 Pink Salt and some articles on Cure #2 salt.  

    Some informational links:

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