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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by slowguy, Dec 22, 2014.

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    Please help I have been reading all over the Internet for a bacon cure recipe. I would like to find a good dry cute rub that's salty with a twinge of sweet. There are thousands of recipes out there and your guys bacons look better than anything I've done in the past. I have a cold smoker and it gets to around 80-100 degrees. Is that warm enough? Can I get some of your best cure recipes and cooking instructions. Mine have never came out like ur alls. Please help.
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    While I don't dry cure, the search bar is your friend.
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    What kind if cure do you prefer to use? Cure #1, Morton's Tender quick? Do you have a good way to weigh your meat and cure? If you want to use a dry rub curing method you have to be able to weigh both the meat and cure accurately. If you can't weigh both then using a wet brine would be best. Use the search bar here and look for Digging dog farms cure calculator for starts. This will give you the ratios of salt sugar and cure based on weight that you will need. Or alternatively search here for Pop's brine recipe. It's the best method to use that doesn't require weighing.

    As for temps you can cold smoke which is any temp below about 70f. Or you can hot smoke, temps below 140 work best for bacon. If you hot smoke you need to take the bacon to an IT of 145. For cold smoking there is no IT temp required as the product will still need to be cooked after smoking. For bacon my preference is to use Pop's Brine and then cold smoke. I smoke for 6-8 hours rest in the fridge overnight, then smoke again for 6-8 hours. I repeat this process until I get the color I'm looking for 18-34 hours total smoke. Then I'll rest the bacon in the fridge 3-4 days prior to slicing and vac packing.

    Keep in mind this is still a raw product and needs to be fully cooked.

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