Cure #1 amount question.

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  1. Re: dry cure for bacon.  My cure one says use 1/4 teaspoon per pound of meat. Looking at a well know Food Channel Chef site he says use 2 teaspoons per 5 lb. pork belly,1/4cup salt. Does that sound too much cure 1.?
  2. The package is going to be your best answer. Remember that is the upper limit. You don't have to go to the upper limit. But don't go below the lower. It also depends on what you are curing and how you are handling it.

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    Here is a guide I found on line,seen it posted here also.

    Use as follows:
    Cure per pound of ground meat/fat:
    U.S. Measurements
    Amount of Meat/Fat     Amount of Cure
    Vol.     Wt.
    1 lb.     1/4 tsp.     .05 oz.
    2 lbs.     3/8 tsp.     .08 oz.
    3 lbs.     1/2 tsp.     .10 oz.
    4 lbs.     3/4 tsp.     .15 oz.
    5 lbs.     1 tsp.     .20 oz.
    10 lbs.     2 tsp.     .40 oz.
    15 lbs.     1 Tbsp.     .55 oz.
    20 lbs.     1 Tbsp. + 1 tsp.     .80 oz.
    25 lbs.     1 Tbsp. + 2 tsp.     1.00 oz.
    50 lbs.     3 Tbsp. + 1 1/4 tsp.     2.00 oz.
    100 lbs.     1/4 C. + 2 Tbsp. + 2 tsp.     4.00 oz.
    tsp. = teaspoon; Tbsp.= Tablespoon; C. = cup.
    oz.= ounce

    Although cure #1 has salt in the mix, when using it in sausage making additional salt needs to be added.
  4. Thanks. In this case it was for a dry rub cure for belly bacon.
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    Dam I must have deleted the one I had for whole mussel  meat,thinking I had saved it twice sorry

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    Found It

                                               Prague Powder No 1
    Prague Powder No. 1 is a basic cure that is used to cure all meats that require cooking,
    smoking and canning.  This would include poultry, fish, hams, bacon, luncheon meats,
     corned beef, pates, and many other products too numerous to mention.
     Prague Powder No. 1 is a combination of a small amount of sodium nitrite on a salt carrier.
     To be more specific, a pound of Prague Powder No. 1 contains 1 ounce of sodium nitrite to each
     1 pound of salt.  the formulas in this book clearly tell you which cure to use when it is needed.  

    This is also a good time to mention that it only takes 4 ounces of Prague Powder No. 1 to cure 100 pounds
     of sausage, 2 ounces of 50 pounds, and only 1 ounce for 25 pounds.  when curing 10 pounds of meat, it
     takes a little less than 1/2 ounce of Prague Powder No. 1.  Put another way, 4 level teaspoons equal about
     1 ounce of Prague Powder, or 2 level teaspoons will cure 10 lbs. of sausage.

    found online and found the file I saved it as.
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    Diddingdogfarm has a great easy to use cure calculator posted here. Type that into the search bar. It's the easiest way to calculate cure.

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