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    Greetings everyone. The other day I decided to try out a recipe from Myron Mixon's book "Smokin" and made cupcake chicken in my MES. I was very happy with the results. Out of respect for the author (and copyright laws and such) I can't give exact details but you'll get the general idea. Regardless of anyone's opinion of Myron, I do enjoy his book, especially the section on sauces, rubs, glazes, injections, etc. Ok, enough with the sales plug.

    Started off with 10 chicken thighs, bone in, skin on. Using poultry sheers I cut of the two knuckles off each bone so they would fit in the jumbo cupcake pan. I used disposable aluminum pans but you can buy metal ones, important thing is to make holes in the bottom so the fat can drain and let the chicken broth come in contact with the food. After that I used Jeff's rub to coat them and put them in the frig over night.

    On the day of smoking I started the MES at 275F. I put each of the two muffin pans with the coated chicken in a foil pan and added about 1/2" worth of chicken broth being careful to not get any on the rubbed chicken. Put in some Cherry wood for the smoke and cooked it for about 2 hours. While that was cooking, I made the sauce which contains a nice assortment of ingredients such as vinegar, ketchup, sugar, honey, maple syrup, spices, and blackberry preserves. Mixed in a blender and kept warm on the stove.


    After 2 hours I took the chicken out of the MES and gently flipped them in the cupcake pan and returned them to the MES for another hour.

    After that, the chicken is almost done. Turned off the MES and preheated the regular oven to 350. Took the chicken cupcakes and put them in a 13x9 pan and poured sauce over it. Really nice uniform  ball-shaped chicken.

    Baked the above for about 20 minutes and then served. Will definitely make it again and it may be a good dish for entertaining being that it not your typical chicken dish.
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    Very nice cook!  Looks GREAT! B

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