cummins meat saw

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by kennygoth, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. kennygoth

    kennygoth Newbie

    Does anyone have a cummins meat saw, and if so, is it any good. Do they have a website.
  2. [​IMG]   Good afternoon and welcome to the forum, from a nice sunny day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.  

  3. [​IMG]  to the neighborhood. lot's and lot's of great information. it would help if you posted a picture of your slicer to help identify, model number and year ? might also help.

  4. kennygoth

    kennygoth Newbie

    I do not know much about it except that I believe it is a RDQ250 model. I do not have a picture of it because I was going to buy it but know nothing about the saw. I can not find out much about it on the internet. thanks
  5. ak1

    ak1 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Probably a generic made in china piece. May be good but it's hard to tell.

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