Cub Scout Family Camp and 1st Annual Cook-Off

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  1. So this past weekend we had our Annual Cub Scout Family Camp and 1st Annual cook-off between myself and another Scout parent who smokes...

    I graciously let him pick what he wanted to cook 1st with the understanding that we would not duplicate protiens.

    I ended up doing 3 racks of BB's and a couple Boneless Pork Butts that I pulled. I also did a D/O Peach Cobbler...

    After my last Butt Smoke I was anticipating ~14hrs worth of cook time maybe longer as it was supposed to get quite cold Fri. night.. Dinner was at 6 so I tossed my Butts in at around 2:30am to allow enough time for cooking/resting and time to get it all pulled before 18 hungry Scouts and their familes descended on our campsite.

    The other father did a cross rib roast, Brisket and some chicken....

    The Ribs all rised and ready to get rubbed down. I thought I had a couple shots of them rubbed prior to going into the plastic wrap but can't find them.

    One Butt rubbed in Ron's Hint of Houston.... OBTW Ron I'm gonna be tossing another order in next week I'm down to the last of that 5lb'r I got from you.


    The other butt rubbed up in Kirklands Sweet Mesquite... I really like the way these two rubs go together when pulled and mixed together with a little apple cider and my Cherry/Chipotle sauce.

    All rubbed up on Thurs. night and into the fridge for some marinating love until late Fri. night/Sat. morning.

    Yours truly can't remember what I was cooking on the camp stove might have been brats as this was before I fired the smoker up.

    6pm give or take a couple minutes.. Table is set with lots of goodness.. Couple Pasta Salads, lots of fruit, all the proteins.. was quite a spread.

    The Meat....Left to Right...
    D/O has Beef Cross Rib Roast and Brisket cooked for about 6 1/2 hours over mesquite in a Charbroil...
    Pan full of pulled pork and BB's... Total cook time was right at 14hrs over Hickory....
    Close up of the BB's
    Chicken cooked with the beef over mesquite.

    And for dessert D/O Peach Cobbler smoked over Cherry wood. There were actually a couple people that were scrapping the bottom of the D/O to get that last pieces of cobbler out of it.
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    I deleted the post for you. Remember to just use the edit option next time.

    On another note those are some lucky cub scouts. Everything looks great.
  4. Thanks for cleaning up my mess Mudd.. Was my first post on the new forums.. I'm a little wiser now..
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    That's some mighty nice looking grub! When my parents moved our family to Oregon when I was a baby, our first place was in Hillsboro. We ended up in Cannon Beach for twelve years before moving back to MN. I've been back to Oregon a couple of times. My brother will be visiting friends there this summer. Hopefully, I will get back there some time soon. I was a Scoutmaster for lots of years. Scouting is a lot of fun. This spring, several of our Scouts finished first and second in a dutch oven competition sponsored by our council.  Hmmm, Oregon and Scouting?  Gunner, you're a good man!  Thanx for sharing the qview.

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