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  1. So this last weekend I got my first shot at cooking for the masses, my sister's wedding reception, around 150 people.  Have to admit I was nervous cooking this much food, but it came out great.  

    My friends and I cooked Pork Butts and Chicken (Thighs & Legs) for the reception.  We also threw some spare ribs on for nibbling and a brisket, if you're going to fire up the big smoker might as well do the four major food groups!

    And here come the pics...

    First is the Brisket Trimmed[​IMG]

    Next is the Brisket on the Smoker (all the Brisket pics I have...sorry)


    Now for the Yummy Ribs, Trimmed St Louis Style, then a picture of a few left behind on the cutting board.



    Next for your Qviewing pleasure is the chicken, this takes up a lot of real estate!




    Last but not least, Gimme those Big Ol Butts...

    We Trim our Butts of quite a bit of the big fat chunks, then inject with Apple Juice (this time we tried adding rub to the juice and got a few small pockets of seasoning)  Then Rub them down prior to going on the smoker.





    I also supplied my own home made BBQ sauce for the reception, I wish I had taken some pics of that and all the smiles we had.  Great time doing this, a lot of work, but a lot of fun.  The chicken was delicious, the ribs aren't quite where I want them in that tenderness zone of not too tough not too tender but the flavor was great, The Brisket came out a little dry and had to doctor up in the juices and BBQ sauce and it received rave reviews.  Finally Pulled Pork tasted good and had great texture, but need to find a good way to get more flavor deep into the meat in my opinion.

    Hope you enjoy these pics as much as I do!
  2. pineywoods

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    Looks like lots of good food [​IMG]
  3. good job   [​IMG]
  4. johntroxel

    johntroxel Fire Starter

    That looks like it was alot of fun.  The best part of smoking is the compliments you recieve after it.
  5. beer-b-q

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    Looks Great... You must have been downwind of the Fort since I didn't see where they Invaded your party...LOL[​IMG]
  6. So does anyone have recommendations on pulled pork?  Maybe an injection they like to get more flavor deep in the meat?  I feel like Pulled Pork tastes great around the bark area, but then deeper in its just run of the mill pulled pork, gotta put sauce on that stuff.

    I've heard of finishing sauces too, maybe I would consider that, but that probably be too much work for a catering gig, but I'm open to any and all suggestions.

    Thanks for the compliments by the way!
  7. pineywoods

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  8. Good job that sure is feast im sure everyone was pleased
  9. old poi dog

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    Would this be the beginnings of a business opportunity ? Great job by you and your friends.[​IMG]
  10. damon555

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    I tried saving the juices from the foil, doctoring it up a little bit, then mixing it back in with the meat after it was pulled. It worked perfectly. I cooked it up the day before I needed it. The flavor distribution was excellent.
  11. Damon555 - Thanks for that tip, I did that exact same thing with the Brisket cause I felt it was a little overcooked, and that definitely did the trick.

    Pineywoods - I've never tried the finishing sauce, but that does seem REALLY simple, which is how I like to keep it. :)  I normally just inject with Apple Juice if I do at all.  This time I tried just stirring in Rub to the Apple Juice without cooking it or anything and got a few small "seasoning pockets" after the meat was done...

    Thanks for the tips though guys, keep em coming. The more the merrier in my opinion.
  12. deannc

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    Big job and sounds like a great one to boot! Definitely all looks great!  I like to use the juices from the foil to mix back into the pp and soflaquer Pineywoods mentioned is excellent and will add some great zest and pop to pp.[​IMG]
  13. rdknb

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    wow good job
  14. meatinc

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    Looks like you got a ton of chow on your smoker!  Looks fantastic!
  15. scarbelly

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    Great job man - looks like you pulled it off very nicely. I am sure they bride was very happy
  16. werdwolf

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    Looks like a great job!  I can't tell from the pics if you do this; but I have gone to making slices in the meat.  I have an MES, and I find it gets a little more surface area for the smoke and bark.
  17. raptor700

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    Those butts look very nice. I have used FAB injection with some rub mixed in, marinate overnite and it was definetly tasty. If you use FAB go easy with it. It is very strong! Just a suggestion you might want to try. I'm always tryin different methods.

  18. bmudd14474

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    Looks like a fun time to me and some great looking Q.

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