Cross Cut Pork ribs??? what are they?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I went to my local butcher today to get some ribs for tomorrow. The only ribs they had in stock were "Cross cut pork ribs". I asked him whether they were baby back or spare, and he struggled with an answer...he said they were basically spare ribs with the fat taken off..? they dont really look too much different to a rack of baby back to be honest. They are alot more curved than the spare ribs i normally get, so im assuming they are baby back...

    but my question is, what does cross cut mean?? they just look like a rack of ribs to me...not cut any different anyway.
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    The only cross cut ribs I ever saw/bought were cut across the bone. Not sure why, but they were pretty meatty and tender. Didnt smoke em. Just indirect grilled. Small pieces of bone about 1-2 inch. Came from a Mexican meat market in San Antonio TX. Pork ribs not beef and I think they called em riblets. Puerco con jueso in spanish. Means pork with bones. Probably not any help to you. Sorry. Post a pic. Im curious.
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    I really don't know , however the term may be  British . Danny has spoken of several cut he's gotten were not like In the States.[​IMG]

    Have fun and . . .
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    I did appetizers before that I called riblets.

    I had the butcher cross-cut a baby back twice, so each piece became 3.

    Smoked them and then split them 1 bone per cut.

    Finger food!

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