Critique my method for Brisket w/a little qview

Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokaholic, Jan 26, 2010.

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    This started as a response to Sunday Brisket Flat smoke .

    To foil or not to foil, question of the ages. I have done a 15lbs brisket and trimmed off about 3 to 4lbs of fat so that there is only maybe enough to hold the point on while cooking. Brisket in general is so marbled to begin with you dont really need a fat cap. Same with pork butts/shoulders.

    I can do just about any size brisket in 9hrs. I call it the 3-3-3 method LOL kinda like pork butt. First 3hrs just let it cook, build smoke ring and develop bark and I give it about a 1/3 turn if im on a SFB barrel smoker.

    Next 3hrs is the mop/spritz I use a mix of 1part apple cider vinegar 1part brown sugar and 2parts apple cider and mop it every 45min to an hour. The vinegar helps open up the meat and break down connective tissue and give it some "wang". Also give it another 1/3 of turn if on a SFB Barrel. My rub is pretty spicy so I include the sugar and apple cider to give it some sweetness to take a little bite out. It'll still make your lips tingle and mouth water for more.

    Now that will usually get you to the 165point or stall point and for the last 3hrs then I foil it and just watch the temp climb. If it stalls for more than an hour I foil it and stall goes away. Its a great way to finish it without over cooking it cause of all the juice in foil. Also if your using a SFB turning it and foiling it will help to not burn whatever is closest to heat source. I dont have any mods on mine, I just learned how to deal with it.

    Smoker runs at 250 the whole time i have done this on a SFB new braunfels in freezing whether and a WSM in freezing weather. I use a probe at grate level and the meat probe runs horizontal from just past middle of flat and slightly under point. I have noticed that if I pull it at 195 let rest/vent its still pretty dang tender but if it goes to 200 and I pull it and just let it rest unvented for over an hour or two its that much more tender. I guess you gotta give it time at that magical 195 to 205 range to break down the connective tissue throughout meat. The point peels off so be carefull taking it out of foil or even off the grill to foil.

    The juice from foil I save and baste slices with it if Im serving that day. If Im going to vaccum seal and freeze I will cut slices and do the burnt ends. Bag the slices when they are still pretty warm but not hot otherwise it puts to much steam in bag and will cause ice crystals and possible freezer burn. Once in the bag I drizzle the leftover juice back over the meat and then vaccum seal it. When you reheat it the juice just goes right back into meat again...several months later even.

    I need to take more pictures as this is the only one I have. Im to busy cooking to remember to snap some shots...its worht it seeing it later though :) the brisket below was a small 10lb brisket what you see is the front half of flat. It was apple juice injected, slathered and marinated and then rubbed with my rub I make, spritzed with apple cider, brown sugar and vinegar and then foiled, pulled at 200 and rested for 2hrs. Melt in your mouth goodness. You practically dont need teeth to eat it LOL but you need them to chew on it cause you dont want to swallow it its so good. Of course im going to say that :)

    sorry I talk alot
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    Picture says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It looks good there are many methods people use and if that one works for you then go with it. The last brisket we did wasn't foiled at all and I wasn't happy with the results so I will be foiling from now on whether in a foil pan or just foil kinda depends on the day for me. I usually start spritzing after the first couple hours and do it once an hour till foiling but thats just me. I also find that the smokes in my Lang go much faster than the ones in my GOSM so for me times vary as to the smoker I'm using and how long the stall is
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    this may sound weird but the last couple of times it has gotten to the stall point I let the temp in meat drop just a couple of degrees then restoke the fire and crank it up to 260 then let it settle to the 250ish mark. No more stall point and takes about 30 to 45min for that process to complete. Im no pro but this is just what I noticed.

    A Lang huh all I got are the small New Braunfels barrel smoker a chargriller gas griller with side fire box so I can do both bbq and then grill and just bought a cajun injector electric smoker. Now I want a WSM lol. My first contest is in March here in KC we will see how it goes. I figure as long as im not last im good LOL. Well even im last I have no where to go but up LOL
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    Yep you have it bad my son. You will have a boat load of smokers soon and will be smoking anything you can get your hands on. Oh yea your brisket looks awesome and yumo too.
  6. smokaholic

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    Yeah I got it pretty bad. If I could afford it I would smoke/cook all the time but the wife says I have to keep my day job :)

    Heres some pics I found. Next time I smoke I will definetly update here.
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    Sounds like you have it the way you want it....Looks great.

    I havent checked internal on briskey/butts in years....I go by feel of the probe / ice pick inserted in the meat.....

    Definetly something to be said about knowing your smoker, the weight of meat etc and time it takes on average etc on that smoker......Definetly takes many smokes etc..but looking at your product all i can say is pass the plate[​IMG]
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    Pretty much dead on to how I do it. Although I start spritzing after an hour.
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    Sounds like you've got a plan that is giving you good results. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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