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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by scvinegarpepper, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. The first bird I smoked the skin wasn't crispy like I wanted. The problem is that using this hunk of junk smoker I've got, I can't get it hot enough to crisp the skin. What are my other options? Should I throw it in the oven under the broiler? Problem is I'm worried it won't crisp evenly and some of the skin won't get crisped or it will dry out too much. Any thoughts? Thanks a ton.
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    I just throw mine on the grill to crisp the skin. The SmokinTex only goes up to 250 so it is the only option I have
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    a quick application of higher heat in the oven should do the trick.  I've not had any problems with crispy skin in any of my smokers, cheap or otherwise.  Are your temps in the right zone?  What kind of smoker do you have?  What kind of fuel?  This should be a problem easy to solve, even with your cheapo unit.

    I smoke poultry at 250* until done by internal temp (180*).  I brush a little melted butter and salt & pepper the skin before placing in the smoker -- always golden brown and delicious.
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    If the smoker won't do the job I would just crisp it in the oven like you mentioned. Shouldn't take to long to crisp it up.
  5. Thanks. I'm using a Char-Broil H2O smoker. I think the last one I did around 250. 250-275 is about as hot as I can get it. I'm using Cowboy lump charcoal. Been using the minion method with a chimney of the lit coals in the middle of some unlit coals. I hadn't thought about doing the butter. I should do that. Usually when I spatchcock a bird and throw it on the grill to barbecue I do that and it finishes nice and crispy. I think I am going to try that. I also thought about trying a spritz of some kind while it is cooking but I think the melted butter may be better. Worse case, if it doesn't crisp up enough I'll just throw it in the oven at the end. Thanks!
  6. Thinking out of the box here... why not use a handheld propane torch to crisp the skin? Take too long? Inconsistent? Too easy to burn? Anyone try this?
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    Usually around 15 minutes or so on a hot grill will do it. More if your wife is like mine.

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    The other thing you could do is smoke it to a lower temp then finish it in the oven that way it should be in the oven longer to ensure the skin all gets crisped
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    When I really need crispy skin, I'll smoke the bird parts till internal temp reaches about 163°, then put them on a hot grill and keep flipping them to be sure they crisp up evenly. Most folks have found a way around this issue. It's all good my friend.
  10. TRIED AND TRUE, good hot grill for just a few minutes really does the trick.

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    I know you might want to hear my answer. You might use this oine  for an excuse to get a new smoker maybe a gas unit. Now I would throw the yard bird on the regular grill and crisp the skin that way.The oven is alright but it might burn the birds parts.
  12. I'm going to eventually build a wooden propane smoker box/house. But I think I am just going to brush it with melted butter prior to smoking. I forgot I have had success with that in the past. I'll post the q-view on Thursday. Thanks for all the advice.
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  14. so far i've heard a lot of people say that they'll put it in the oven afterward but when you do that, what temp do you put it on? 
  15. flash

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    Well it would basically be the same as in the smoker. 325* or above. Just keep an eye on it if you go into the 400's.
  16. tjohnson

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    I smoke until 130* or so internal and the finish in this.....

    Charbroil Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Fryer


    I wanted to deep fry some turkeys last year, but was afraid of the hot oil around my kids.  I found this at Lowes and it works awesome!!!  Donated my deep fryer to the Boy Scouts.  This thing does such a good job, that you CANNOT tell the difference between deep fried cooked in the Big Easy.  You can use any rub or seasoning on the outside and not worry about ruining your oil + you don't have to worry about the hot oil.

    I'm doing a turkey and pork roast in my Big Easy for Thanksgiving.

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    If it smokes, it is not a hunk of junk..hehehehehe...

    I have heard of using baking powder on the bird the night before...they say the chemical reaction dries the skin out enough to produce crispy skin at lower temps. I have tried this on Wings before, and it turned out really good. Produced a wing that seemed like it was fried before it was smoked...

    Good luck with your Turkey, sounds like you got plenty of good stuff to try from everyone else!

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