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  1. Brethren,

    Here I sit in my home after a night out on the town, a fundraiser for the local food share at the best local brewery in town. My wife's employer is a heavy supporter and we where at the event to have a good time and support the cause. The beer was good and the food was a local barbeque catering outfit, I was stoked! There is only one thing I like better than firing up my own smoker and that is tasting others barbeque. So after I arrived and had a few local brews (and inspected my wife's pulled pork). I decided to get some brisket, ( my weakness and nemeses). So as I was ordering and asking what the sides where I was excited when the dude behind the counter said "well we have wicked baked beans". I was like WOW he is featuring Dutch's beans! My absolute favorite smoked bean recipe. But when I quizzed him about the ingredients like "is there pineapple in there?" he said "yeah a little bit". So I asked him and I think he was surprised to learn that I was very familiar with his beans. He said " yeah I got them off of some web site somewhere". So my post tonight is to call him out! I think if you use a recipe from this site a guy should let the world know that this is the best site in the world, especially if that is where you got your "chops". The name of the caterer is Bad Betty's Barbeque. I think if he is out there and a frequent member to this site he should at least give credit to where he earned his wings! And my opinion of the food? Meh...I can do better, and my rendition of the beans is WAY better. ;)

    I have not been a big poster lately, even though I am a moderator here and a Knight of the OTBS I am loyal! Let this be a reminder that we are out there and we know who you are! Love this site! And to quote one of my fallen bbq brothers "smoke on!" and "its all good".
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    Hopefully he is reading your post !
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    Very honorable post and I agree completely! I can't count how many times I have done a Recipe search with Google and come up with 5 different sites with different authors all posting the SAME recipe word for word and then see it is an Alton Brown Recipe from Food Network and NO mention of his name. Occasionally you will see the same recipe with the words, " Adapted from a recipe by Alton Brown " if they made some minor changes. The reality of the situation is, There have been people cooking and publishing recipes for several hundred years or more. Very Few people, Grant Achatz, Wylie Dufresne, the team that wrote the Modernist Cuisine series and a few others, have reinvented the wheel, creating completely new recipes and techniques never before seen. The majority of Chef's, Cook's and Cookbook Author's take techniques, recipes and ingredient combinations that have been done for years, put their twists on it and...POOF...It's " Their " recipe!  If the cook in question changed one or two proportions, not just amounts to make a larger batch, added ingredients or made some omission to Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans...They are now Bad Betty's Wicked Beans.

    Here is a case in point, the author only mentions " While not my original recipe, this recipe has received hundereds of rave reviews.".  On the web site and guaranteed if you talk to his friends and family, that recipe is considered his!

    Do a search for Hawaiian Baked Beans and you will find many similar recipes to Dutch's. Some use white beans and molasses instead of canned baked beans. Some use ham chunks instead of bacon or prepared mustard and hot sauce or red pepper flakes instead of dry mustard and jalapeno's. Does this mean that Dutch's recipe is any less " his " original recipe...NOT AT ALL! It is absolutely fantastic... But it is a variation on an old idea. How many of you out there have a Secret Rub Recipe? It's your's but nothing new. Search " Chicken Soup Recipe "...21,700,000 variations...[​IMG]...Who get's the credit for that one???

    I give credit when I post some recipe that I use word for word or make some slight adaptation, but 99.999% of the time when I am creating a recipe I will look at several already written recipes, some a 100+ years old, to get an idea of quantities or cook times and temps, then pull what will work or I like and add or delete for my and my families taste and quantities. Everyone of my posted recipes are MINE but in one way or another have been done before...JJ
  4. I totally agree with the above. A lot of mine started as someone else's before I put my twist on it. If I use an exact recipe I tell people who's it is. If I put a twist on it they may not like me saying it is theirs since I twisted it.

    Happy smoken.

  5. Hahah that would be like changing the label on my container of Jeff's Rub to Chris' Rub. Downright thievery! Whenever I try something in the smoker that I got from this site, I always give props to the person who originally posted it.
  6. I was taught by my daddy to always give credit for something you pick up from somebody else. I have used some sauce recipes for cooks I have done and always let them know where it came from.
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    Yup - if I'm using more than about 60% of somebody elses recipe I usually still call it their recipe. Figure even with my "twist" it wasn't my idea.
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    Yep... kudos should always be given.
    I try my best to give Kudos and a link to a recipe where I found it... although it may not be the originator.
    There are some I take full credit for and these are think outside the box recipes like my Luau pork shots, Canoli ABT's and My Philly Style Rub is my own or at least I hope that it was. Although 50% of the rub is Montreal Steak Seasoning. Lol...

    Kudos are nice and I know when someone gives me Kudos... its a very nice feeling.
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  9. I couldn't agree more.
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  10. What a great story.  Thanks for sharing and giving a shout out as well.

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