Creating new bbq restaurant in pittsburgh need ideas

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  1. Hey guys a partner and I are creating a bbq business we plan on being able to move around the city with.  We'd like to be able to have our gear fit in the back of a pick up or trailer of some sort.  The problem we are running into is how we want to set up the smokers and what size we should get.  The way we make them now is in a vertical propane smoker that can make about a dozen fantastic ribs.  We were thinking about getting multiple vertical smokers between $150-$300.  Is there a better way or equipment to do this?  We will need food holders and a fridge system.  But pretty much we are concerned if the vertical smokers will actually be practical in the long run.  Eventually we want to build up to an actual food truck but for now we are going to stick to setting up in the city around peak lunch and dinner hours.  All ideas suggestions are welcome! Thanks - Brodie
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    First I'd start off with checking in with your County health department ans finding out what they require for cooking facilities. Ask if your smokers need to be NSF certified or not. I know in my jurisdiction that they do. That will limit your choices and your pricing is going to be greater. You may find that you really are going to need a food truck. Most jurisdictions require running water and self containment for cleaning.

    Ask them about permitting too. Here we are not allowed to set up in parks, unless there is an event going on and then you have to get a vendors permit. We do have food trucks, but they  can only set up on private property and they must have a city permit (which are limited to a certain number per year), and a city business license and the trucks have to be inspected just like a restaurant.

    Do your home work, check with the County health department and the City on what they require for mobile food vendors.
  3. Brodie,

    That is great advice from dirtsailor2003...If you are going to stick mainly to Allegheny County you are in store for a multitude of restrictions and regulations.  Not to mention Permits!

    Good Luck Though,

  4. Thanks for the advice! We definitely have not discussed running water.  we've been looking into the vendor permits for the areas we plan on setting up at.  thanks again sailor.
  5. Are you going to offer all the sides piled on top of the BBQ ala Primanti Brothers sandwiches?

    Sorry - I couldn't resist!  I used to live in Wexford and I miss Pittsburgh and yuins
  6. haha that wouldn't be a bad tribute

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