crazy huge smoker

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  1. does anyone have any idea how a smoker of this size would be heated "fired"?  seems to me that they would have to use gas (propane?) or other for a consistent heat and then a smoke box just for smoke.  Just a random question.

  2. Just a guess here- The firebox visible on the end is probably for the smoke and a little bit of heat. The rest of it probably has a propane/gas pipe running the length for the actual cooking heat.

    2nd guess-

    who ever built it has smoker envy and wanted to show off. LOL, ya know like little guys who drive big trucks......
  3. I have seen some that were pretty large hat you put the coals under the racks. It could also be gas fired [​IMG]. I couldn't afford to fill it up.

    Happy smoken.

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    or fat chick's that wear tiny anklets, get microscopic butterfly tatts and drive sub-compact cars....
  5. LOL,  a smart a** friend of mine said maybe it is something like this

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    I have seen close up one of these rigs owned by Johnsonville Bratwurst.

    Each door has it's own gas supply and the option for charcoal. 

    It's basically an awesome ego trip.

    They say they can cook some multiple thousands of brats at once...

    And yes,  I want one but the wife said... 
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    Hahaha...I know the feeling about what the wife said. 

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