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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by coachin&smokin, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. I managed to find this 2 hours from my house and couldn't pass it up.  I bought the whole rig for $300.  Other than the tire blowing out on the way home I still made out like a bandit.  It needs some TLC and paint but it definitely will be good to go soon. 

    After getting it home and trying to figure out what to do with it I have some questions.  The firebox has three pipes coming into the smoke chamber so that smoke and heat gets transferred.  I thought about making the cooker reverse flow and my question is could I just extend the pipes the length of the smoker and then close off the exhaust farthest away from the firebox?  Would this work much like a reverse flow plate? The only air intakes are what you see on the door.  I have a feeling that's not enough for this big cooker.  I don't completely understand why it has two exhausts and am not sure the opening from the firebox with the three pipes is enough either.  Has anyone seen or is familiar with a cooker like this?  The guy I bought it from got in Texas and he said it works great as it is and he's cooked for weddings with it.  I just don't want to start messing around with it and then ruin the original design and then have a mess to fix.  Any help would be appreciated!



  2. pops6927

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    Great views so far and looking forward to your rebuild and finished product!  The experts will be along soon to lend a hand I'm sure!
  3. iluvribs

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    i would make it a reverse flow for sure, it doesnt look like it would take a whole lot to redo it either, i havent built one yet but some one will help ya out here, nice find
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    Nice find for 300 bucks.... I would run it the way it is and see what it does... If you want to change it into a RF I see a few things that will have to change so how are your fabrication skills.... 

    I would cut (torch) the pipes out and remove the plate between the firebox and the smoker then install a RF plate. By looking at the door cut out the cooking grid is very low in the chamber and would be very close to the RF plate. You would need to raise the cooking grate brackets and install a spacer plate to take up the space on the outside of the tank then cut the lower part of the door to refit. I would also add another upper shelf.. looks like there is plenty of room...

    Hope this is making sense... just throwing out some ideas for ya


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