Cracked two pizza stones with two smokes

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    Hey everyone,

    I have had my Akorn for about a month and have had same great cooks.  I love it.  I do need to need to try and make it a little more air tight.

    I have done two smokes (one brisket and ribs)  The brisket was turned out good but not great.  Everyone loved it, but I thought it was a little dry but I did have a little trouble keeping the temp low.  The ribs yesterday turned out fantastic.  

    The thing I have a question about is the pizza stone.  The first one I used, I didnt have the weber grill in the smoker.  I just placed the pizza stone on the brackets.  It seemed to work fine, until after the smoke, I noticed it was broke in three pieces. I didnt even think about keeping it, I just threw it away.   This time I had the weber grill on the brackets and placed the brand new stone on the grill.  Half into the smoke, I noticed that the stone had cracked in half, so I just used a long fork to push it back together    The temp never went over 300.  Its not a huge deal, because I will just continue to  push it back together while smoking.  Anyone else have this issue?

  2. Do u put the stone in when its still cold or when its warmed up?
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    I but the stone when the grill is getting heated up.  the stones should have been the same temp of the grill as it started to hear.
  4. Take a look at the Lodge cast iron pizza pans.

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