cowboys honeymoon

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  1. A cowboy and his girlfriend had just got married and found a nice hotel for their wedding night.

    The man approached the front desk and asked for a room. He said, 'We're on our honeymoon and we need a nice room with a good strong bed.

    The clerk winked, 'You want the 'Bridal'?' The cowboy reflected on this for a moment and then

    replied, "Nope, I reckon not. I'll just hold onto her ears until she gets used to it."
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    That is just plain funny.
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    that was good
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    "Now that's funny right there, I don't care who you are..."
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    [​IMG] I saw this and thought it was going to have something to do about TO going to Buffalo. I need to get my mind out of football. [​IMG]
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    Thats to funny!!
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    now thats funny

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