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    Just picked up our first generation 40" MES. Was pouring yesterday so I seasoned it in the garage.....with the doors all open...One of the reasons we wanted it was for cold smoking. Dug out a mailbox that the previous owners of our property had stored away in the shed. Planning on doing the "Mailbox Mod". Any suggestions on which 90* elbow to get to go into the side of the MES? How about the dryer tube? Any particular style better than another? How about length? Will be building a table to put the MES on as well as our XL BGE and the Mini one as well....Guessing the table is going to be 8' long or so.....and will have a roof of some sorts on it so smoking/cooking in the rain/snow will not be a problem....Thanks in advance for any help...
  2. Sounds like your going to have a pretty inviting table :)

    I have not done the mod but someone certainly will chime in.

    Have fun with all those toys!
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    Thanks....where in Glendale are you at? I used to live on the other side of the Valley, east Mesa...
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    Hi Inkjunkie!

    I  have a 1st gen MES30. It has a 3" hole where the chiploader goes in, so that's the size you want to look for. For my mailbox mod, I bought 2 of those twisty, aluminum elbows at Lowe's. Also, a couple O-clamps, a length of 3" aluminum dryer hose, and some metal tape. (I wasn't interested in getting fancy by cutting, bending and riveting one end inside the mailbox; although there are many here who have.) This setup works just fine. Cost around $15, not including the old mailbox.

    Here are a few pics:

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