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Discussion in 'Pork' started by graybeard, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. graybeard

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    I was talking with some competition smoker guys yesterday and they gave me some great tips. The best tip was to foil your butt when the bark looks like you want it to and not so much the temperature. Of course the temp has to be within reason. Prolly 160 to 190. They were also playing around with FIG wood!! [​IMG]

  2. dacfan

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    Well it does make sense, thanks for sharing.
  3. smokebuzz

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    I have given and received many comp tips, thats how i have learnt the little i know. The 2 biggest tips i have got/given is they only get 1 bite and crank up the WOW factor. Just remember what works for me mite not work for you. It always amazes me how people come up with some of the flavors they infuse into meat, thats what got me to thinking outside the box, like a cherry or blackberry glaze on ribs. i still say when it comes to turn ins,either bomb it or blow them away, 2nd is first looser.
    Ya gotta dump the clutch.
  4. A couple of excellent comp smokers have told me that if you want to contend you have to have a sauce with a fair amount of sweetness, which would pretty much let me out because I can't stand sweet sauce.
  5. alx

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    We took a 6 and 7 last year in butt without foil-but yes i would say 75% at least, foil everything.Sweet is it here.Friend won first place ribs with grape jelly and butter concoction.My sister(part of team) is taking Lotta Bull class March 1 in virginia and was told he foils everything as well.
  6. Interesting - I've been to a class taught by a team who is currently ranked in the 60's overall in the KCBS TOY ranking. Their pork technique is to foil at 160 with a couple of spritzes of apple juice regardless of what the bark looks like. The meat comes off at 200 and rests in a warm cooler.

    They were more concerned about what part of the meat was submitted more then anything else. There's a part they call the "money meat" which is opposite the long bone on a butt. Only this meat was submitted. They weren't big on bark because 2 of the most heavily weighted components of the score (taste and tenderness) was hard to convey using bark. They submitted money meat both sliced and pulled. They must be doing something right as they nailed about 5 GC's last year alone.

    The other thing I learned from them: Pork like sweet! Sweeter on the ribs. They compete with Blues Hog. We use a combo of Blues and a Vermont based sauce - Richard's. Our best pork placing was 6th last year in Sayville. Ribs was 2nd in Lake Placid.

    Take a look at the following link for a judges perspective:


    BTW: I'm taking another class in April taught by another award winning team. I highly recommend these classes.
  7. alx

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    YanKeeRob--we slice money muscle and put pulled in front and scores dramaticaly increased.We were 7th at dover,deleware out of 72 teams.If we were closer to Rochester guarantee we would be there.--BlackCatBBQ.Our injection is like a brine-so maybe that helps tenderness since we dont foil.There was less than point between 1 and 7 place.
  8. ALX,

    We inject with FAB-P as well. 1/4 cup to 1 liter of apple juice will do 2 butts.
    Judging by location you must have competed with us before. I just posted our 2009 schedule:

    The team that is doing the class in April is iQue. They are pretty legendary in your area. I'm sure Chris has lots of good techniques to show us. You should check it out. For $200 it's $$$ well spent.

  9. alx

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    We have been using a modified big bob gibson inject,but will try FAB-P.IQUE are awesome, will check schedule.We may be on list for New Holland,but my sis is multi-state CASI chile champion(GREENand RED) as well as salsa, so our schedule is a little give and take with both forms of comps.Will be at SALSIBURY-PORK in PARK APRIL 14-16,Will be our first Whole Hog, and hope to hit 8 total this year.I watch the Forum on upcoming events etc., so will be in touch.Will look into conneticut comp , see if fits schedule.Our schedule is near complete and will post when finalized.

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