Couple of firsts.........pork butt and mayple syrup with some Qview!!

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    Hello all, was a great spring weekend, after a few rounds of smoking cheese on Saturday Sunday was the day to try out my first pork butt. Now I know everyone uses bone-in butts but there was a sale last week on boneless pork shoulder so I bought a couple and thought I would give it a try anyways. I would like to hear others opinions on the boneless/bone-in aspect.......any difference??? Prepped it on Saturday. My roast come in a netting so I ditched that, rubbed it inside and out and tied it back up with some twine. Unfortunately I didn't get any pic's of the butt before the smoking process. Got it going about 9am Sunday morning with the AMNPS filled with hickory and a hand full of apple I had left in a bag. Well I figured with it only being 5lbs and boneless it would take less time.............lets just say we had pizza for 12.5 hrs later it finally hit 195*  right as I had to go to work for my midnight shift so I wrapped it in a couple towels and put it in a cooler for the night. As soon as I got home Monday morning I got it out, it was still fairly warm, got to pulling it, added the finishing sauce, let it cool and into the fridge it went (of coarse I had my share of sampling before it went into the fridge......soooooo juicy!!). Monday nights supper was fantastic!!!! On a bun with some home made slaw............yum yum!!!

    This spring my son had taken some interest in tapping a few trees in the yard for some syrup and had even bought some of the equipment with his lawn cutting money. We have 6 pail/tap/lid setups, not much but enough to get a feel for the process.  while the butt was in the smoker we set up the burner, gathered all the sap we had so far collected and started to boil it down, we had roughly 23 litres of sap and ended up with 6-700ml of syrup, seems to be about right with the 40 to 1 ratio. Tasty tasty stuff!!!

    Ok here are some pics of the butt and maple!!

    Pot full of sap.....note the smoker in the



    Thanks for having a look.....CWS

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    Wow... I never realized how much sap it takes to make 1 bottle of syrup. Thank you for the info!
  3. Looks good man  [​IMG]   Are your taps still flowing? We tap in February around my area...
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    BK, no problem, I have a buddy who makes syrup every year and he gave me the ratios as well as another way to tell if its done is the boiling point of syrup is 7* higher than water so 219*

    SmokingB, we got some more on Sunday but not a drop yesterday and it's looking like more of the same today, need the temps to dip below zero at night so we can get a bit more. I live in a really shaded area so my taps have produced well under what a lot of guys would yield, that and it was not a very good year temp wise.

    Thanks CWS
  5. Ok I just wondered how it was going up in your area  [​IMG]   Hope you get some more before it quits all together  [​IMG]
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    Well looks like sap season is basically done, only got a couple letres in the last couple days and yes on a normal year in my area we are tapping in Feb to early March but this was far from a normal year!!! My trees have been tapped since mid Feb.

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    First, that pork looks terrific.

    Second, I am unhappy with you because it turned out so much better than my first butt.

    Third, I love that you made your own maple syrup. What an experience!

    Fourth, it is great that you are cooking with your son. Many of my best memories is doing things with my mom and dad. There is nothing better to give your children than your time.

    Great thread. Great meal. Great fun!

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    Disco, thank you for the very kind words!!!

    The pork was amazing and the leftovers were gone the next day..........I couldn't have done it with out this great much valuable knowledge.

    My son is the one who had the drive to do the syrup but I think I am now hooked as well, even though our payouts were minimal I will blame that on the bad year for

    He also has lots of interest in the smoking process and has been right beside me the whole way......sometimes he monitors it more than I do!! He has done more than his share of clean up as well. My new maverick 733 arrived Monday (the day after I did my pork butt [​IMG] )  so things should get even smoother from here on out.

    Again thank you for the kind words.

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