Couple of briskets

Discussion in 'Beef' started by massif, Jun 4, 2016.

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    I apologize in advance for not having had the chance to snap those "money shots" while slicing the flat, but usually once I put the brisket on the table there are just too many mouths around me to feed and I just get busy slicing and serving.

    Anyway, I did a couple of briskets the other night and they both turned out great. One was a USDA Choice 13 pounder, and the other was actually Australian beef (it said Gold on the package) and 14 lbs.

    Meat went on the smoker at 1 am and was ready by 6 pm, my target cooking temp was 225 to 250. The smaller brisket was on a lower rack in my Backwoods clone smoker so it didn't get as much heat as the larger one on the top and I ended up having to wrap it for the last hour of cooking.

    I had always wanted to do burnt ends and this time I had enough time before guests arrived to try it. My only regret is not having used both briskets to make it; I only used the point from the Aussie brisket. The burnt ends turned out great and they were wiped out in an instant 😃

    Here are some photos.
  2. massif

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    The briskets rubbed very lightly with a bbq rub I created that has no salt and then heavily with Montreal Steak Seasoning.
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    The Aussie brisket was done first. I let it rest for an hour and then separated the point to make burnt ends.
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    The burnt ends. I mixed the cubed point with some bbq sauce and some of the juices of the meat then lightly sprinkled with dry rub and put back in the smoker with fresh chips. This picture is before they went in the smoker.
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    This is the USDA brisket after the first slice. It had a very pronounced smoke ring actually. I recently figured out that using briquettes increases the likelihood of getting a smoke ring as opposed to using lump. I've gotten it with lump before, but with briquettes I get it every time. I know it's just a color and doesn't affect the taste, but people like the way it looks 😊
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    For some reason the photos are not showing even though I'm attaching them from my phone. Will figure out a fix for it.
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    I smoked a brisket recently for my first time and tried to do burnt ends and basically fell flat on my face. Yours look great before you even put them back in the smoker LOL!
    Looking forward to your pics....
  8. b-one

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    Looks great! My first burnt ends were mail order. They were great and I decided to start smoking my own food right after that!
  9. uncle eddie

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    mmmm - Burnt ends are the best!

    My problem is I either get great burnt ends or a great flat - but not both at the same time.  But even the average parts are still good.
  10. massif

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    Damn man, hope it wasn't a big piece of meat and you were ok :D

    Next time I cook I will definitely either have someone take some pictures or do some slicing in advance and take pictures myself before putting the meat on the table. The burnt ends literally went from smoker to table and then all gone in < 10 mins while I was busy slicing the whole brisket.
  11. massif

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    Yeah I will definitely be making them from now on every time I get the chance to and my cook doesn't run into the last minute.

    To be honest I don't think I've been turning out "great" flats yet (I've only cooked 6 or 7 briskets ever including these). The first two I did were definitely undercooked (I had simply run out of time before it was time to feed guests). It has been getting better though and the key for seeing improvements (for me at least) has been to a) start the smoker up very early and give myself enough time to have the meat done at least 2 to 4 hours before guests arrive, b) keeping the temp around 225 and always below 250, and c) just having a good piece of meat to begin with (my butcher often tries to sell me on some New Zealand grass fed brisket that has no fat cap and a flat that's half an inch thick throughout; I always have to tell him).
  12. smokinal

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    Everything looks excellent!

    Great job!

  13. uncle eddie

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    Haha - I think we all have had some times where the smoke ran long.  
  14. bdskelly

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    Great job on the brisket. Looks really nice.  Point! 

  15. smokeymose

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