Country style ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by richinct, Aug 7, 2010.

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    I did some country style ribs while I was doing my sausage fattie

    Qview of the fattie is here:

    Anyway, I had a package in the freezer and they were on sale for $1.69 LB so I picked up another pack to fill the smoker while I did the fattie. I used 'Memphis Dust' rub. I did the 3-2-1 method, they came out a little dry for my wife's taste but I like them that way. Maybe I should have marinated them?  I think I will adjust the times a little if I do them again, less time out initially and more time in the foil. I cook them a lot on the grill and have a pretty good method down for that so I may just stick to the grill for county style ribs.


    Rubbed, ready for the smoker. These were 2 different batches from the store, some smaller with bones, some larger/bonleess. Oddly, the smaller ones with the bone came out better/juicier than the larger boneless ones.


    Finished product, I brushed them with some Sweet Baby Ray chipolte for the last hour.
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    I agree with doing them on the grill.   I like to marinate them in yoshida's for about 12 hours or more then grill them on the weber over a nice bed of mesquite lump.  Very tasty!
  3. Oooooooo ! ! Yoshida's is the best ! Love it on chicken. Also good in Cole Slaw. I have to try it on country style ribs
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    If you love it on chicken, try mixing 1 part Yoshida's with 2 parts melted butter, and injecting it into the pieces.  I use leg quarters or thighs.  Just a bit of cajun seasoning on top and smoke till 165 with a nice honey based sauce during the last 30 minutes.   Very tasty!   sorry for the hijack Rich!
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    Hey Rich,

    I've done CSR's now and then. If you're going for the tender fall apart texture, then cutting the open grate time back and increasing the foil time as you mentioned is the way to go.

    Also, I noticed in the first pic that the package on the left appears to be single-cut (bone-in) spare ribs. I ran accross a similar style of cut spare rib once. I did a cure with those with Tender Quick, then rubbed and smoked 'em up without foiling. They got a bit dried out, but they were trimmed down quite a bit with not much meat left, so these would have worked out better with 2-2-0.5.

    Anyway, the cut-up spare ribs offer a bit more of a challenge, as they can dry out rather quickly. Looks and sounds like you got those one out just fine. The CSR's can be even more tempermental about times, as they don't have much fat layering to protect them while they smoke, and being single serve pieces, they will cook a bit faster so they need a bit different treatment.

    As I recall, my last batch of bone-in CSR's were smoked on my SNP. I think I ran a 3-3-0.5 @ 210-220* because these were a bit thicker cut than I normally see. The meat was falling off the bones when I started removing them from the steam pan...they were very moist and tender eats.

    Good looking smoke!

  6. flash

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    Country Style Ribs

    Apply rubs first.  220 to 240º. Spray with mixture of Apple Juice and Makers Mark (75-25), every ½ hour until wrapped in foil.
    After 2 hours wrap in foil for another 1 1/2 hour tops, then ½ hour opened. 4 hours tops. For wood a mix of Pecan/Cherry was excellent and gave great color.
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    i love the country styleribs but the 321 is too long for them,  maybe because no bone,    just smoke em the first two hours, foil em and add apple juice the third hour then the fourth hour add your sauce and that is long enough

    i always marinade for a day or two prior to cooking to add moisture
  8. richinct

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    Thanks for the tips. I will give them another try.
  9. vic81

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    what would you recommend marinading them in??

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