Country Style Ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by caveman, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. caveman

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    Hello. Has anyone smoked country style ribs using the 2-2-1 method? I was thinking that since they don't have any bones, that the meat would fall apart before you get them off of the smoker. Any experiences?
  2. rdknb

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    My country style ribs did have bones. I did use the 221 and they turned out good
  3. country style ribs are backribs with the loin still atached so if there are no bones there is something mislabled.

    but I don't think they would fall apart. when I do normal ribs they pull off the bone super easy but the meat stays togeather.

  4. deltadude

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    There are a lot of posts on country style ribs... do a search.
  5. rbranstner

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    I just did CSR's last weekend using 3-2-1 and they were awesome! There were bones in mine and they didn't fall apart at all but when you cut into them they were so tender. Way more tender than how I have normally done them on the grill. I will be doing them 3-2-1 for sure in the future unless I am in a time crunch then I guess I will put them back on the grill but they won't be as tender.
  6. mballi3011

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    Now some country style ribs have bones and some don't for they are cut out of the butt. Just look at the bone and then put them together and then they look just like the bone you get out of a butt. Now as far as smoking them like ribs go right ahead but you shouldn't have to smoke them for 6 hours thou.
  7. caveman

    caveman Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Thank you.

    Well, I have to tell you, mine normally come WITHOUT the bone. Maybe I need to check the package.

    Yes sir. [​IMG]

    Thank you for the heads up.

    Thank you for the advice. Will do. [​IMG]
  8. ok, I think this is a US/Canadian differance thing.

    here is the US def
    "Country-style ribs - Country-style ribs are cut from the blade end of the loin close to the pork shoulder. They are meatier than other rib cuts. They contain no rib bones, therefore are not technically ribs"

    here is the Canadian butcher referance version
    "Country style ribs
    Country style ribs are cut from the same loin portion as the back ribs but without the loin meat removed. The loin is butterflied and opened up to create a thick flat piece of meat great for grilling or smoking. As country ribs have more lean meat than rib bone, make sure not to over cook or the resulting meat will be dry and tasteless."

  9. nwdave

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    Hey Neighbor. [​IMG] Come down to Bellingham, hit Costco, they have plenty of AMERICAN style CSR's. Then pick up some SOY VAY VERI VERI TERIYAKI sauce to put on em. Costco finally got Soy Vay back in the 68 oz bottles. Killer combination. [​IMG]
  10. caveman

    caveman Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    I didn't think I was crazy.
  11. Costco is a funny place, I have been a member for 20 years now, but there are some things that are in every costco and then there is reagional and local items.

    I will have to look for the Soy Vay stuff, the Soy Vay Hoisin Garlic Asian Glaze and Marinade looks and sounds very good.

    As for the US CSRs, I think I will stick to the CDN version, if I am making ribs I want there to be bone, and for them to be real ribs [​IMG] Now the US version to me would be awsome in a sweet and sour dish.


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