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  1. Hello everyone. I have never made bone in country style ribs but I've been thinking about firing em up for a small BBQ i'm hosting this weekend. How does everyone feel about them? I know they are a cheaper cut but I think my party would find their large size fun. I've also read that they only take a few hours to cook which is surprising since they are larger than baby backs. Any experience or tips is much appreciated!
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    They are cut/sliced from the front shoulder "butt"... very good and usually tender...
  3. thanks for the feedback. How long do you usually smoke them for? Is it really only a couple hours?
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    I'd just add to watch them pretty close, CSR's can get overcooked easier than other ribs !
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    I usually smoke meats for a couple hours with light smoke.... more than that detracts from the flavor of the meat.... That's just me and Bride... others like lots of smoke flavor.....
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    Here is a thread that helped me out with CSRs this past weekend,

    Take note of the discussion starting around post 15 about how CSRs can be shoulder or loin cut, which makes a difference in how you cook them.

    Good luck!
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