Country style ribs in the oven?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by radio, Jan 7, 2015.

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    I know, I know, blasphemy! [​IMG]   A friend who does not have a smoker was asking how to do CSR's in an oven.  I googled a ton of recipes, but everything I saw was smothered in all kinds of sauces, vegetables and assorted other stuff.

    Just needing a basic dry rub method that will work in an oven.

    I would probably coat with yellow mustard, add rub and let set until wet.  Place on a cookie sheet or in something like a cake pan, tent with foil and bake at 350° for about an hour and a half, check and turn and cook another hour and a half or until fork tender.  If saucing, brush on sauce and up the oven temp to 425° and cook (watching closely) for 5 minutes or so to caramelize the sauce. 

    a rack under the ribs might be a good idea to keep them up out of the fat that will render out

    any input on the above ideas?
  2. You can also cook them on the grill a bit to get good color and some flavor and finish in the oven

  3. radio

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    They are old folks and have no grill either.

    I have even par broiled them in the past, then sauced and seared on the grill.  danged good that way and fall apart tender
  4. Radio, your idea sounds pretty good. I have done baby backs in the oven similar, although without the mustard.

    Last time I did country style was before I got into smoking and did them in a slow cooker\crock pot. That might be an option as well?
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    Crock pot. If they don't have one get one for them.
  6. dirtsailor2003

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    Crock pot, or wrap in foil with a bit of liquid (pork broth, whiskey, pineapple juice, orange juice etc) 250 degrees. Check after two hours, may need more liquid. Then check again after another two hours. If more time check again in another hour.
  7. My dad, who is 82, has gotten about as basic as can be with cooking the last few years.  He loves his CSR's and cooks them in the oven.  All he does is put foil down on a cookie sheet, place the CSR's on the foil, sprinkle just a bit of Tony's and bakes them until he thinks they are done.

    Half the time the actually come out tasting pretty dang good.  The other half of the time he over cooks them and they are dry, dry, dry.
  8. My mom used to then the same way

  9. timberjet

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    Ok I know. Quoting myself here but after thinking about all the reasons I hate my mom's ribs I remember this one simple truth. Nothing is good boiled in grease. She always does hers in the crockpot and there is always 2 inches of grease in there. So if they have something to elevate the pork out of that stuff that would be great. That is all. carry on.
  10. jirodriguez

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    Sprinkle with garlic salt and a little Tony Chacharro's, heat the oven to 425, put them in for 20 minutes at 425, then turn oven down to 350 and cook till done. Great flavor and the sear gives a nice little crust.
  11. radio

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    good suggestions guys. thanks

      I took them some of my rub and wrote down some basic instructions, so we will see tomorrow how they turn out.
  12. Let us know . Another thing you can do is put them under the broiler get some good color on both sides, pull them out sprinkle your seasoning on all sided and put them back in and bake low and slow 225 º till tender


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