Country style rib ?s

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  1. so I plan on doing some CSRs on the ECB because lets face it they're freakin awesome. sadly I haven't had much success smoking these.

    I searched the forum and got mixed answers lol. some say to pull at 180 some say 155-165 and some say just to do the which would be best for some tender and juicy CSRs?
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    Cody, all the above!!!!! lmao Just kiddin.....[​IMG]
    You'll get a lot of different answers, I would try them all til ya find a way that you like. Everyones tastes are not alike.
    I smoke mine mainly by site but would say to about 160* then I put them in a pan with pineapple juice (enough to cover the bottom, 1/4 inch) and cover for about 1 hour. Pull them out of the foil and apply yer sauce if you like and smoke about 15 mins. to let yer sauce warm but not burn.
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    Country Style Ribs

    Apply rubs first. Spray with mixture of Apple Juice and Makers Mark (75-25), every ½ hour until wrapped in foil.
    After 2 hours wrap in foil for another 1 1/2 hour tops, then ½ hour opened. 4 hours tops. For wood a mix of Pecan/Cherry was excellent and gave great color. 220 to 240º for around 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

    I have done a 3-2-1 with them, but they really do not need that much time.
  4. thanks a lot guys [​IMG]
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    I did some a couple weekends back. Pretty much just like this. Turned out excellent. So much good smoke penetration on the country style ribs. Not sure the Makers is necessary though, I think I'd rather have mine on the rocks with a splash of soda [​IMG].
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    I did that with my Wiser's Deluxe [​IMG]

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