Country Style Beef Ribs to Burnt Ends

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  1. Hi All,

    Given the amount of fat in CS beef ribs, could I turn them into burnt ends?  Would they retain the same flavor, moisture and texture?  

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    If by making them into burnt ends, you mean to duplicate the texture of those made from the brisket point...not gonna happen...different type of muscle in the point with a tubular construction and inter-mingled, small deposits of fat. Shoulder cuts have a fibrous muscle with sparsely layered fat and heavy connective tissue deposits...won't be the same...more like CS rib-lets than anything else, and cutting it up at the appropriate time is another question...when is internal temp too high to cube and not dry or toughen-up the meat and still get a decent texture on the outside? Dunno.

    When I do burnt ends, I separate the point/flat when the point reaches the mid 150 to lower 160* I/T, toss them in a light application of sauce and return to the smoker on open grates for crispier bark with a tender, popping chew in the interior...I just don't see it happening with a heavy fat layer amongst the fibrous muscle of the CSR meat.

    The point muscle construction (during prep for BEs)...notice the small fat deposits between the muscle and the large muscle fiber groups:

    Coated in sauce:

    It would be a challenge to do BEs from shoulder meat, if you're up for it. If you try it, let us know what you do and how it turns out.

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  3. Thanks Eric, I appreciate the thoughtful response. I'll continue to search for a grocer or butcher that will sell me just the point. 
  4. I have experimented with making burnt ends out of chuck roast which is from the shoulder as are beef CSR's. The texture may be different but they still taste really good. I would, however, question starting with a thin strip of meat, it may dry out too much with the extra smoking.
  5. I beg to differ on the "not gonna happen".  I make burnt ends all the time out of country style ribs. I usually smoke them whole for about 5 hours along with some baby back ribs.  When the baby backs are finished, I'll take everything out and cube the country style ribs just like you would the brisket. I transfer to a pan, coat in my rub and bbq sauce, then back into the smoker they go. Usually I let them go for about 1-2 hours longer. It just depends on how crispy you like it.

    The texture is a little different than the brisket ends but after smoking that long, it's all pretty similar.  This is one of my favorite side smokes, if doing baby backs or a butt, I'll almost always have some country style ribs going too.  They're just easy.  Sometime's when I more than one butt going, I'll cube 1/2 of one for burnt ends.

    They always end up being the favorite of my guests.

    FYI, for country style rib smokes, I'll usually marinate in Coke & Apple Cider Vinegar.
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