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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by smokinvw, May 7, 2014.

  1. Hi All,   My name is Chris and I am a new member.  New to smoking as well.  Always have loved BBQ and southern cooking.  Got a bit of a thing for good  pulled pork. Which probably started with a pulled pork sandwich from Bessinger's in Charleston, SC when I was a kid visiting my grandparents.  The smoking interest started recently when I got fed up buying 'pulled pork' from a local farm store.  While it was OK, I thought, you know, I could make this for less then I am spending on a container of it.  Did a few pork shoulders and boston butts in my oven at home with pretty good success.  Obviously not smoked but, the rub was decent and got more of an understanding of cooking low and slow. (...why is this stuck at 170°.. [​IMG])     Actually think I have some qviews I'll upload today. :)  So, I can only make it better by smoking it right?  [​IMG]

     Looking to purchase my first smoker on a limited budget.  Was looking at getting a used 22" weber kettle and the smokinator but, don't have quite the time to dedicate to mastering charcoal.  Also looked at the Brinkmann electric smoker (orange can) but, wanted something with more of a thermstat controlled element if I went electric.  I used to do control wiring years ago and did consider putting a PID assembly together but, that about doubles the price of the Brinkmann.  

      Think I will be picking up the Masterbuilt gas vertical, that is at the Homedepot.  Reviews seem decent and would leave a little room for getting a decent thermometer or two as well.  Came across this forum while researching and have read a lot of good info.  Might have a few basic questions to post if the answers do not turn up in a search.

    Thank you for putting together such a great community!
  2. Hey Chris, glad you joined up. Looking forward to seeing pictures and post.

    Gary S
  3. Finally came across the picture of my first attempt at pulled pork.  Done in an oven but, its what lead me to what I am pursuing now. :)  Could not find a 'before pull' shot that I thought I had.


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